17 Oct 2015

The New House


My feet are killing me. I'm tired in a good way because we were busy renovating our new house. Yes, after three years, inconsistently, looking for a place to purchase we found what we want to call our own home last month.

It all happened when my sister in law was visiting at the end of August, AMI decided to let her help us find a place to buy. She did a great job and in just few days she had selected some potentials. We view some and then AMI saw a place on the way to work. On paper it didn't sound like our ideal place, small square feet, shallow basement, outdated. But we opened our minds and saw the potential behind it. It's close to all of our friends, especially AOI's best friend (she's very happy to point that out to anyone who asks her about her new house)  the children playgroups and preschool is few minute walk away. There's huge room for future extension, as the kids grow. But right now we can renovate and put our own style into it (that means my own style).

We have a huge garage that can accommodate both AMI's wood workshop and winter play-area for the kids.

Today we invited some of AMI's work colleagues to come help us paint the house. We've primed the whole house and tomorrow we're going to start painting with the final coating. I'm getting excited, ideas about how to bring the best of the house are floating in my mind. More than anything

In the afternoon, whilst we were busy brushing the everywhere white, the children with their babysitter were running, playing, laughing their bold jovial laughs in the garden, TOI looking at the cars driving by, all happy. I smiled to myself and thought. "I'm looking forward to enjoying and making this house a magical place for children and our family memories."


  1. I'm glad you guys were able to find a place. Congrats on your new home! Happy decorating :-)!

  2. Congrats! Can't wait to see more of your home!

  3. I remember reading on your blog about how hard it was to find a place a few years back. I am so happy for you. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I can't wait to see all the fun and lovely memories you will create in your new home.

  4. Congratulations on the new place. A blank canvas to put all the great memories down. Enjoy and happy decorating

  5. So exhausting, but so exciting!!


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