23 Nov 2015

Our Everyday Life: The Eventful Week

 The Bliss before the party

November 16th to 21st was an eventful week for us.

This month has been exciting in many ways. Launched the book, celebrated my girls 4th birthday and finally started to find a light at the end of the moving house tunnel. Also witnessing my friend's husband music band smashing it on X Factor UK 2015. 

I'm happy.
Today, I felt like my mind was settling into a blissful state again. Since the summer it has been on the go go state and I’m looking forward to enjoying a month of thanksgiving and peaceful state. Monday November 16th I had my book launch {which was photographed by talent friend Kerrie Oliver, the photographer behind Llyod Told George}. It was exciting, the company and so much support. I'm so thankful.

Talking to a reader at my book, Wasting Away, launch photo credit Kerrie Oliver at Lloyd Told George

Wednesday 18th AOI turned four and you should all have seen her. She was so over the moon when, after she started complaining about not finding something I don’t even remember, I asked her “Guess what day is today?”
“What day is today?”  “Today is your special day” “Is it my birthday?” “Yes”. She jumped out from the bed {she was chilling next to me} and did amazing jumps. It was snowing as I wished for my little girl’s special day. We all  took her to school together, on our way we stopped to play in the snow in the nearby park for a bit.

The play before school day

It has been challenging weeks for AOI, she got more frustrated and didn’t use her words like she’s capable of doing. For instance at her birthday party {which was joint with her best friend} she cried because there were some games that she didn’t want to play, but instead of telling us she run away from the place. I laughed from nerves. I sometimes wonder if she’s the only child acting out or it’s normal for kids to behave like that at four. What we noticed is how she was seeking for reassurance from her friends. She kept asking her best friend “Are you still my friend?” 

Today she was happy.
When at church, she participated in all the activities without fuss, she came home and was a bit shy when one of my friends from Italy I haven’t heard in a while facetimed me. She was nice and cheerful. She had one of her friends over for a playdate and she was content at that moment too. We went to play in the school and she had a little I'm leaving you and going alone somewhere with her little brother trailing behind her. I kept eye but made sure she came back to me instead of me following her. I would love her to understand that she can talk about things instead of leaving. 

Throughout last week she kept asking for her daddy and today I noticed how she wanted to have her daddy attention. The time he dedicated to her helped her mood and in the end I was able to play with her without her refusing my attention. 

Yes, November has been busy and maybe, though we think she’s alright, she need more reassurance and we're all really looking forward to some recharging time. 

 Elephants are a girl's best friend


  1. Belated happy birthday wishes for your sweet girl.
    Your skin in the above pic looks fantastic!!!

  2. I love that photograph of you <3

    "I sometimes wonder if she’s the only child acting out or it’s normal for kids to behave like that at four." <--- They ALL do that, and ALL have their moments. Four was the age Dominic became very sensitive and needed a lot of reassurance too. Now he's 5 and we seem to be going through a bossy and sass-mouth stage >:( We'll get through it LOL.

    Happy birthday little one !

    1. Ha, the beautiful of the stages. Today I concluded that maybe she doesn't like a big crowd.


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