31 Oct 2015

This Last Week Of October

So much has happened in this last week of October that my mind finds it difficult to process everything.

Sunday 25th October, we packed everything we've accumulated over the past ten years of our lives into a uhaul truck to bring into our new home. We will now make this house work for us. We don't have everything in the right place but that will come over time. It takes time for me to adapt and make everything about a new place work for me. It takes time for me to get used to the smell in a new house, I can be picky like that. Today we started organising the basement and most of the boxes we brought with us are unpacked.

I'm happy the move is over, it's really hard to move with two kids, but they were excellent. They adapt so easily. They love their new home and though it's small they don't care because it's huge to them. This week, everyday until 29th October, after AOI and AMI were gone TOI and I went to the old house to clean and pack the remaining items. I felt sad because that was the house we've called home for the past three years - the longest since we moved to SK in 2011. Over those years I came to love it and appreciate everything about it - yet I never loved the laundry/boiler room, that always gives me the shivers now I miss it because the laundry/boiler room in our new home needs a desperate tlc, hubby is going to fix it up nice for me but that can take about who knows how long.

This week I loved walking together as a family to take AOI to school, in total I walked about 40 minutes  and I go living a walking distance to my daughter's will just improve my fitness. We went to our friend's Halloween party about ten blocks from the house and we could walk there. We're definitely going to be more green.

This week we started to make a new routine in our new house: having breakfast as a family in the corner area assigned to our dinning table and chairs, children having lunch and snack in the kitchen and then family dinner in the dinning area again. I have to explore the natural light in the house and adapt that to my photography.

This week I received the date to my book launch in a local bookstore.

I'm excited for everything God is doing in my and my family's life. I want to give praise to Him for this new chapter in our lives.


  1. Beautiful. CONGRATULATIONS!!! So happy for you and your family.


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