30 Dec 2015

Bright 2015!

Christmas came and went without a hello from me.

Now, 30/12, the night before New Year's Eve, I'm in a hotel room in BRONX,  the children are fast asleep, my husband can't sleep and he is watching a show on Netflix. The commuter train mixed with late night rain, the occasional siren, the next room loud TV, laughs and my children's rhythmic snoring is the backdrop sound as I tap my thoughts on my 'new' Mac (hubby's old one and I wonder when he will ask it back again).

On one of my 2014/15 vision board I envisage a night in New York city, the vision was a bit more grand but I'm more than happy to be in this little hotel room with the three people I love the most two days shy from the new year. Just to know that most of the things that I had on my 2015 wishlist came true is mind blowing.

The dream as a published writer turned into a reality, I did  more photography gigs and started to take on freelance jobs. I was invited to a local writing conference that I've always wished attending as participant and I was over the moon when I was invited to be a panelist.

We bought a new house, traveled more than I wished for. Spent summer with my sister in NYC at the @blogher15 #sheknows conference, wow! Had my in-laws over for a lovely long holiday with us, the kids enjoyed it some much, camped in new places in Saskatchewan, visited Edmonton twice, reconnected with old friends and connected with new friends. Friends that are more than happy to help me reach my dreams.

AMI and I celebrated 10 years of marriage, during those years we've learnt so much about each other and about ourselves.

AMI got awesome opportunities in his career and he just said 2016 is going to be even more amazing for him. AOI became aware of who she is, she had ups and downs when it came to her mood. TOI started the journey of the tantrum stage. They both had awesome time. My brothers are doing fine, my sisters-in-law are doing and working towards their dreams. My cute sweet little niece was born 19 days before Christmas, our holiday baby. Spent holidays with my sister and her lovely family.

Deciding to go visit my mother on New Year's Eve made us come to New York now and not earlier.

Outside is dark, I can't tell from the shadows what dawn will bring to my sight but I wish for the best, just as I wish for a BRIGHTER 2016 for myself and everyone!

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  1. Happy New Year! I really need to get on this "vision board" train. I'm glad so much of your wishlist came true this year. I love the photographs too.


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