1 Dec 2015

Welcome December

Yesterday for the very first time in ages the kids are both napping. AOI doesn't usually nap. She saw me going to her school and she called my name she was in a very good mood. I even managed to talk to her teacher about what I'm doing at home to help her control how badly she takes it if her friend CB want to play with other children. It's hard to learn to adapt to different situations when it comes to giving her friend the room to choose but she's learning.

All in all, November was amazing to me. I'm happy and grateful for everything that brought to me.  It was a busy month but full of new and rewarding experiences. Celebrating my daughter's birthday and launching my book. The cherry on the cake came when YM told me that my book reached the bestselling chart of my local bookstore. It was AMAZING!

December is going to be a month for
pure celebration and thanksgiving.


  1. Awe she just doesn't want to feel left out. <3 Although, I think kids of every age have a hard time when not getting their way. Congrats on your book reaching a best seller at your local book store!

    1. Thank you Emily. It's so hard to find a balance between encouraging them and just telling them to just stop that.

    2. It is, I seem to teeter on both ends depending on how calm or exasperated I am in the moment- lol. ;)


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