30 May 2015

Two Things...

In the course my journey through motherhood I've learn so much but two things still ring true to me:

1. You don’t have to lose yourself completely when you become a mother. You can still be a “girly girl” and a stellar mom. Also, it’s okay to date!

2. Stick to your values. Every mother will receive “input” from people around them on anything from breast-feeding to home-schooling. It can be easy to feel self-conscious about your decisions. Don’t!

Question: Do you have any wisdom about motherhood to share with me today?

29 May 2015



A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2015
TOI:he loves playing and writing the deck with chalks but more than anything he loves to eat them when we're not watching. 
AOI: her fun personality is shining more and more. This photo was captured on Saturday 23rd, she drew her face with the chalk
AOI and TOI: they are really partners in crime. Also this week every time TOI saw AOI crying he would go and give her a kiss or a hug. His sister love having such a great loving brother.

28 May 2015

Our Everyday Life: Spring Time

One has to experience Saskatchewan seasons to understand the importance of over night spring. I believe this is the only place of earth that you can have winter one day and the next day spring is here in full bloom. Week 21 felt long, in a good way, I sincerely thought it was two weeks rolled into one. We like it like that.

Monday was Victoria Day so AOI didn’t go to preschool. AMI was off from work too. We all stayed home and spent a lovely time together as family. In the afternoon AOI had a playdate with CB by the river. In the evening after bedtime AMI went canoeing with a friend. When he got back he told us about the beavers by the river so Tuesday we went to see a family of beavers enjoying an evening swim in the cool water.

Wednesday preschool started, in the afternoon AOI had a playdate with AS, and her brother was there too. TOI loved playing in the mud, for my luck he didn’t eat soil (something I can’t really stand) as he usual does. The kids giggled, spread mud on our feet and washed it off with extra cold water. At one point I told my friend “Sprint is really here.”

Friday I went to preschool with TOI to be the helping hand. TOI loves going to his sister’s class. He doesn’t want to leave the class when it’s time to go home. In the afternoon CB came to our house because it was my turn to look after the kids the whole afternoon.

Saturday was great, we spent the time going on a bicycle ride to the farmers market. We then had lunch with VK, because she saw us on our way to the market. After lunch she came some vintage Canon lenses that I’m currently using to experiment free lens photography with. I’m really enjoying that.

Sunday was a lazy day, we didn’t go to church. Instead we spent the morning organising AOI’s room. Afternoon, like most afternoons during this week, was spent in the garden with cold water on our toes


24 May 2015


theodora ofosuhima photography web IMG_5860

theodora ofosuhima photography web IMG_5870

theodora ofosuhima photography web IMG_5844

A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2015

AOI: she has so much coolness about her. “Cheers!” she said as she turned with her glass in hand. She has always been funny and she is getting more funny as time pass.

TOI: with a cool sister you learn to be cool brother from early age.

AOI and TOI: what brother wants to do sister want to do and viceversa


theodora ofosuhima photography web IMG_5719

theodora ofosuhima photography web IMG_5727

theodora ofosuhima photography web IMG_5641

A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2015

AOI: the best shots I love the most are the ones I don’t ask to capture. I loved to watch her observe her brother being a little boy. My heart jumps a little as I realise that my little girl is growing so fast. 

AOI and TOI: during a mini session that I dedicated to myself on mother’s day, the kids run and had fun on a little beach at my favourite spot by the river. It was windy and cold but I was so happy to see my world laughing and running on this little beach.

TOI: the library is one of our favourites places to go {everywhere in the world}. I really wish he could fit in this tiny little toy trolley/car but unfortunately he can’t and that means only one thing, my baby is a toddler waaaaaaah!

15 May 2015


Come musica by Jovanotti on Grooveshark

It’s been long since I featured one of my favourite musician. Today I’m dreaming on the notes of Lorenzo ‘Jovanotti’ Cherubini, one of my long time favourite Italian song-writers. I don’t have words to express the emotions his music bring to my soul, I’m sure you don’t have to understand Italian to feel the same.

14 May 2015

AOI Says

aoi toddler fashion

My daughter’s vocabulary has always been on the advance stage since she was little. I have so much to share of her latest saying but today I want to share something she said when she was still two years, eight months.



One afternoon after she comes downstairs refusing to have her nap her daddy turned to me and said “I blame you for this one.”

“Why would you blame that on me, because she won’t sleep?” I say out loud.

“Yes.” He was blaming me because during our ‘nap walk’ I told him she manages to sleep even with little TOI sitting next to her bubbling away.

My ever so wise 2.8 years old daughter gets off her chair and says “The problem is… is easy to go upstairs and not sleep.”

I looked at my husband and thought “what have we created?” She’s getting this way of talking from The Dinosaur Train cartoon. 

13 May 2015



theodora ofosuhima photgraphy sleeping kids IMG_5502

theodora ofosuhima photography toi cries IMG_5484

theodora ofosuhima photography toddler on the bike IMG_5437

A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2015

AOI and TOI: Long time since I shared one photo of my sleeping babies. Soon the won’t into the frame of my camera, they’re growing so fast. 

TOI: week 18 was had for little boy. He cried often than less. I thought about the pain of growing of a toddler who can’t have his way all the time. Crying all because he wants a camera too.

AOI: She is into showing her bicycle tricks.


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10 May 2015

Motherhood Is… + Some Photography Work

IMG_2095 artisan edit watermark mother's day

On mother’s day, my dream of a lie in vaporised around 5:23am when my eldest walked into the room to ask me to help her go to the toilet.

So I sat in here in my room while daddy took the children downstairs for a too early breakfast after they all had their turn of tears and kicks because they wanted to have turns in cuddling us.

Motherhood is hard yet rewarding skill in life most of us don’t consider this as a job because we unconditionally give our all.

But lately we’ve come to analyse that motherhood is more than just unreasonable tears, head bats on the nose {little boy’s special mother’s day wishes}, pulling of skirts and hands down your bra when you least want that vision of you.

So I encapsulated all my feelings about motherhood into a poem.

Motherhood is...
frustration and sleepless nights, headaches and madness, , raw screams and cries, strengths and weakness wrapped into a child.

Motherhood is...
blissful unconditional love, delicate hands onto your aging cheeks, flower gift from the neighbour's garden, dancing bare-feet baby in arms and toddler by your side.

Motherhood is...
acceptance the new you, holding onto your passions, your likes... your true self.

Because motherhood is not a chain of burden but roses of joy if we allow the woman within us to stay alive.

(by Theodora Agyeman-Anane)

IMG_2111 artisan edit watermark

IMG_2121 artisan edit watermark

IMG_2126 artisan edit watermark

IMG_2130 artisan edit watermark

IMG_2269 artisan edit watermark

IMG_2317 artisan edit watermark

IMG_2327 artisan edit watermark

IMG_2328 artisan edit watermark

IMG_2495 artisan edit watermark

IMG_2321 artisan edit watermark

1 May 2015

In this Moment

01-05-2015 – 10:00

theodora ofosuhima photography sleepy boy IMG_5517

The house is quiet, the only noises I hear are the computer hard drive, the rhythmic breathing of my boy next door, the birds chirping out the window over trees full of baby leaves. Toddler is at preschool and daddy at a meeting.

In the moment my thoughts have made peace with my mind. I’m reading old friends’ blogs, which I miss reading. I’m excited about reading my novel in book form and not A4 papers.

In this moment I’m content and looking forward to what May has in store for me and my family.

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