31 Jul 2015

10 Years...

Yesterday hubby and I  celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary.

It was one of a kind, private and quiet yet very memorable. Hubby planned the everything and he kept surprising me throughout the day. He was just the man I fell in love with fourteen years ago: caring, patient, loving and sweet. We took the whole morning for our family and it felt good to be there in the moment, to talk about our hopes for the future to take a step back and enjoy each other company and watch the kids laugh as they run wild in the Forestry Farm Park.

Thinking about those little moments bring a smile to my heart. We included the children in the celebration because they're the imagine off our love, they feed and grow on our happiness.

 This morning as AMI and I gave each a goodbye kiss, AOI smiled. And I thought she is happy to see mummy and daddy showing affection to each other.

We feel blessed for these ten years together as husband and wife. 

28 Jul 2015

Tuesday Travel: 10 Simple Things To Enjoy In New York City

  • Stay central in a Hotel with amazing views
I went to New York City for the skyscrapers so I needed a good view from my hotel window. I was so lucky and happy when the staff @nychitonmidtown changed my room from a room without a view to another one which has a gorgeous view overlooking Central Park, I floated on cloud nine.

  • Central Park 
Central Park automatically brings to mind the 1967 film A Piedi Nudi Nel Parco (Barefoot In the Park), I used to watch it on repeat when I was growing up in Italy, Rete 4 showed some old movies in the afternoon and this movie was one of my favourite to watch. I didn't venture into the dept of the park but just walking at the entrance was enough to feel the magic of the place.

  • Magnolia Bakery @magnoliabakery
You may find a long queue here but it's worth waiting to try one of their delicious cupcakes

  • Breakfast at Sarabeth's @sarabethsnyc
I had my first breakfast in New York city, with my sister, an old friend of mine and Kimberly @manifesturself, at this chic restaurant where the staff are friendly and patient

  • Ici in Brooklyn @ici_brooklyn
Monique @tipatipa and I had our blogger-meet-up in this fancy French restaurant situated on Dekalb Ave. They serve authentic farm food to you. I had shirred eggs and I'm telling it's a must try brunch next time you're in Fort Greene. 

  • Subway
You experience true NYC if you take the subway once in a while, this how real NewYorkers commute.
  • Lyft Taxi @lyft 
Lyft is an innovative way of getting a taxi in your city conveniently, you just have to download the lyft app unto your phone and you can find the nearest taxi to you in a flash, they then drive to you and take you to your destination. It helped me move from one hotel to the other without getting to stay on the street and wave my hands for a taxi.

  • Yellow Cab
A yellow cab is just part of NYC life. You can try a short ride, it will make you feel like you're in a movie.
  • The Halal Guys street food
The first evening we were in city I wanted something yummy but inexpensive to eat I saw the cart of street meal but don't want to spend too much, try the halal food vendors situated on the south-east corner of 53rd Street and Six Ave in the borough of Manhattan.

  • Feliz
After our brunch at Ici, Monique and I saw this unique shop across the street. We had to go in. Once inside we found a bit of everything, from new baby items, children's toys, beautiful crafted necklaces, something original for your home, and even an old bicycle. The fun part for me was how affordable some things are inside. I bought a pair of SaltWater sandals for only $34USD, I thought it was a bargain.


My overall experience in NYC, after thirteen years absence, was fun, carefree and inspirational. Everyone was so friendly to me. I can't wait to return. 



If you have any other simple things to enjoy in NYC please leave comment :).

26 Jul 2015


AOI and TOI: She is so protective of her brother, they play nice together but then she's the one that snatch thing from him as soon as he takes something that she wants to play with but didn't realize until little brother took it.

AOI: a photo that speaks for itself

TOI: "Mine, mine, mine..." is his favourite word together with no, he's cute even when he puts on mean face and pulls his lips together to make his statement. When it's snacktime he says "Mine..." then reaches his hands up to get the bag of fish. I can't say no easily to him because his tantrums... I  don't want to see them.

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25 Jul 2015

My First #BlogHer15


Yep, finally the children had a nap at the same time yetersday. In fact it was AOI's first nap since I got back from USA. I could finally sit in front of my computer and type a sentence.

Today I want to share a brief review of my first experience at @BlogHer conference.


The first person I met, after a quick trip to 37th street to photograph @DasRockHaus NYC #FBL2015 show on Thursday, was Nellie A. @BklynActiveMama. Then I saw Quiana @HarlemLoveBirds and we spent most of the time together. I saw Stacy-Ann @WeatherAnchorMama. The following morning as I was getting breakfast just before the keynote message I bumped into Monica Marino @MarinoBambinos… I hugged and had a laugh with Danielle Faust @DanielleFaust Then I was able to hug LaShawn @lashawnwiltz, she was hosting her session on how to become a better instagramer. 

The last day I was I was in NYC, I took the subway to Brooklyn to have brunch with Monique @TipaTipa, I couldn’t leave NYC without meeting Monique {I will make a post just for this meet-up}. 

In short, I was able to meet with many of the ladies I wanted to meet. Ladies that I’ve been following along the journey even before we were mothers. We laughed and hugged, we connected on the other side of the screen.

Hubby was so impressed that I met all these ladies and they were all from my blogging experience.

Truly there is a community out there waiting to welcome you if you let them.


Going to #blogher15, I didn’t have any expectation because it was my first conference and just the idea of being in NYC sent head into space. I was on cloud nine, maybe I bubbled on a little bit too much - when I’m nervous it happens. 

But one thing I was hoping for is to find my voice in this vast ocean of blogs.

The event was on a fast pace, there was inspiration coming from everywhere. Style, beauty and working for your cause, confidence. I was inspired to be true to my style, to take care of my beauty (again) and to be confidence in my new found mummy body. I realized that it’s not about the weight I may or may not lose, it’s more about how I carry around my body post-two-children. I was so inspired I confessed to my mother how some of her comments made me do things that weren’t healthy when I was kid. 

Most of all I was inspired to stay true to my voice.

At the end of conference party, I talked briefly with Philippe Guelton and he asked me “Which part of the conference did you like most?”
“The keynote sessions. Each speaker inspired me to stretch for my dream and to set aside fear because that's the only way our dreams will come true. 


After the conference I came home with the subtitle to my blog THEODORA OFOSUHIMA: un-apologetically me. My intention after the #blogher15 is to share my experience has I know it, to keep myself out of the box as I’ve always loved doing, to not fear talking about inequality when it comes to race issues in this, apparently, post-race era we find ourselves living in.

My intention is to write everything I fancy, from culture, current affair, career, motherhood and more. I wanted to have a focus on my blog, but after a deep thought I realize I would be making a mistake to focus on only one matter that I would be making a  and that would revolve around my complex thoughts. 

22 Jul 2015


AOI and TOI: doing a morning craft.

Last week was the first time I was away from the kids for a whole week. I didn't take their weekly photos but I was updated with hubby's snaps. The main focus was to keep them well fed and happy, mission accomplished.

19 Jul 2015

After BloogHer15

the beautiful lady @tereshiajwarner delivering an amazing message about to to make stretch for your dreams

I get emotional thinking about how #blogher15 presented by @sheknows is over. Yet, I'm tired, very tired after an incredible adventure in #NYC, and I can't wait to write a thorough post about my first experience at @Blogher 2015 conference.

I'll be sharing my thoughts on connecting with other like minded bloggers, getting inspired and finding my intent in my blogging experience.

In the meantime I'll try to get over #blogher15 post blues with some sleep.

14 Jul 2015


TOI: taking care of her dino. Awww, love to see this caring for stuffy toys moments.

AOI and TOI: "Look at me, I'm so strong. I told you I'm strong." she says and takes her brother "I never had a doubt."

AOI: "I rather have skates." She told me this week so while I was buying few items for my imminent trip she found these skates and wanted them so I bought them for her. She loves them.

Tuesday Travel: One Day In Toronto

Yesterday my flight to Toronto was at 00:30am. I couldn't sleep on the plane and by the time it landed my left was hurting me. I was tired but could still carry on. Previous to the trip, I contacted my sister, who lives about twenty minutes away from the airport to let her know that I had a layover of 9+ hours.

I arrived at 6:00 and by I was at my sister's house. My sister took the day off from work to spend time with me. We caught up to life events and it felt so good to be in her company. She takes me back to a warm place, to my childhood and my family's love. My elder brother was home too so we all joined him and he prepared us a delicious brunch.

Laughter, great location and wonderful company all that was miss were the children and AMI. Can't wait to do a gathering with everyone I love involved.

8 Jul 2015


A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2015 

AOI: she can jump, has been doing that since she was 16 months or thereabout.
TOI: he is in jumping training.
AOI and TOI: this week I saw a shift in the way they play together. She is behaving more as a big sister. I wonder if Frozen has anything to do with this shift. They went to the library and came back with Frozen soundtrack. Little boy loves Let It Go and he even tries to sing it, in the car it's on repeat. Big sister is Elsa and obviously TOI is Olaf. "Let's go Olaf" she is telling him in this portrait. Sometimes he listens, sometimes he does whatever he wants. She's learning to be patient with him and she uses her words more than pulling him along.
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7 Jul 2015

Tuesday Travel: Flying Sola

6 days to go until NYC.

In just six days I'll take a plane all by myself without kids or husband to embark on a great adventure. I'll be going to NYC to attend the #BlogHer15 together with my sister, this trip that we've imagined doing since we were little girls (we want to go to Paris together too). We had to wait until motherhood to take this journey. 

I'm excited yet so scared, it will be the first time since becoming a mother that I'm traveling without my children. There was a time in my life I wondered why some women went on work trip whilst their children stayed at home with their husbands. I promised never to do that.

I was going to combine my work trip with a family trip but things didn't turn out the way we hoped. The option was to cancel the trip or go alone. So, instead of cancelling this trip I decided to go sola, to allow myself to open up a new chapter in my life journey.

I'll miss children like crazy, because it will be the first time on a trip without them by my side. My husband will be miss too but not as immensely as the kids.

As I worry a bit I also know that this journey will give me time to catch my breath, to make mental stock of life and to update many things that I can't because time runs fast when you have so much going on in your everyday life. I'll come home to children running into my arms and never wanting leave my side. My little girl will tell me how brave she was and how she didn't cry the time I was away. My baby boy will try to imitate his sister and tell me something on the same note. I will kiss and hug them a bit tighter and never want to let them to go. I will work less and spend more time with them the day after my alone journey to NYC. I'll tell them of my adventure. I'll buy them gifts, they will remember the time mummy went on a great adventure all by herself. I'll tell them how much I love them, even more than I do now. I'll love my husband and appreciate his dedication to the children and the family, more than I take time to show.

And I know, this journey will be forever treasured by all of us.


PS:If by chance you're in Maryland or New York from mid July then I would love to capture some precious memories for you. For details email lifenarts @ gmail.com

6 Jul 2015

The Living Sky Was Burning


I woke up to the haze and orange sun in the sky. I panicked, Is the world ending I wondered. AMI checked the phone for news. Saskatchewan was burning. The haze I was seeing was the smoke caused by the fire. This was happening in Lac Ronge, about five hours drive from here. I thought about the place I've been about two years ago. I worried about the people living there, they are not very rich and what was going to happen to them. I wondered about the wild animals in the dense forest.

I didn't move from home, because the smoke in the air was too much to breath. I told AMI to stay home but he wanted to go to work so he cycled. His throat wasn't feeling very well by the end of the week. He had inflamed glands.


This morning the beautiful blue sky of Saskatchewan was gracing us again. I wondered if the fire has stopped but prayers and donation are still needed for all the people who lost their homes and maybe their loved one.


A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2015
AOI and TOI: weekend of 26 we went to the lake. My two water babies couldn't resist dipping their feet though it was late. Also they love camping so much. I think we might camp in our backyard some days.
TOI: He enjoyed the ample space at the campsite. They weren't many people so he could run bare feet and happy.
AOI: She just loves jumping into the water

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