27 Sep 2015


"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2015."

AOI and TOI: harvesting some of the tomatoes they planted in the spring. She loves tomatoes so much, he just loves to be loud, lol!

AOI: this summer daddy tried paddle board and little girl, as brave as she is, wanted to sit on the board too. I was the only one who fell in the water.

TOI: let's say he loves sand, soil and dirt. This summer he enjoyed all of that

26 Sep 2015


AOI: This week we went to the swimming pool and just like that my daughter started to show me how she can swim underwater. I was so impressed.

TOI: As soon as we got into the canon he was shy at first, but soon he was climbing unto the seat freaking out daddy, lol!

AOI and TOI: "I'll take him to the car." This moment when she offers to help her brother is priceless and I'm glad I was able to document.

25 Sep 2015

Our Everyday Life: Week 2-3 of school year 2015


Today the kids had a nap. The weather was a bliss out there, crunchy autumn leaves, golden summer heat (+27degrees) - all is good.

Last week my book Wasting Away became available to the world, for everyone to read and tell me what they think. I hope with all my hear that the words in that book touches somebody's soul like many books have touched my soul.

If you would like your own copy, I would be delighted. The simplest way is through AMAZON.com here.

So, these lately Thursdays come by and I wonder what I'm suppose to be doing. Thursdays are for TOI and me to go to our local playgroup but two weeks in a row, I drop AOI at preschool and I'm about to go home until I remember our morning activity.

This week my little girl started dance class, she loves it. Saturdays, starting from tomorrow will be family swim time.

13 Sep 2015

Our Everyday Life: Week 1 of School Year 2015

So I'm starting a new weekly updates starting from September because during the summer I was out of routine. It's really hard to get back into a balance state of work and living life and blogging because it's still my personal release from everyday duties.

I also thought it's more reasonable to start a school year updates.

This week (07-12), AOI started her full week preschool year. She goes away for two and half hours. So I have the morning alone with TOI. This week, because grandparents are visiting, we didn't set a proper routine apart from going to playgroup on Thursday. Having grandparents over is so helpful because I squeeze in some work or giving a ride to AOI's best friend, because TOI can stay at home with grandparents. On Friday while TOI had a nap, I worked and grandparents took AOI and her friend to the playground.

AOI was excellent. She adapted to the full week so easily. She started early learning music lessons. She's over the moon to have her best friend with her the whole morning in preschool and this week they also had two afternoons after school play-dates.

The leaves have started the turn. Crunchy, chatty and chilling is the atmosphere.

3 Sep 2015

Pick the Cover For My Young Adult Book

Good morning friends,

Ahhhhhh, I am so excited to let you all know that my young adult (ages 13-16) book will officially come out on September 15, 2015.

I know it's just twelve days from now, but anything is possible. I've been working on it and had the final proof for the interior. Now I need help with choosing the cover. Can you vote for your favourite among these four?

The book is about a young girl who is going through a hard time accepting herself, to fit and win her ex boyfriend back she decided to lose weight. Soon her eating habits turn into an obsession. Everyone around notices her weight loss but she doesn’t accept her image in the mirror. She’s never thin enough. She begins a long journey towards self-acceptance.

If you have a daughter or know anyone in the age range of 13-16 years old, ask them to weigh in and pick their favorite. You more than welcome to cast a vote too. As a thank you, I’ll draw for two winners among those voting and give each winner a copy of the book.

Voting ends this Sunday morning!

Ready, set, go!

2 Sep 2015

What Hope Do You Hold For The New Season That's Upon Us?

September 2, 2015

I hope...

to take every day a minute at a time
to cherish every little detail of my life in full

to dance with my children bare feet
to jump into autumn leaves and breath their crunchy smell
to capture the golden light and many smiles
to wrap myself warm with beautiful words
to share my joy with my loved one
to see my daughter happy in her new school year
to capture our precious and unique life
to forgive and forget quickly as if I'm stupid
to love like today is my last.

1 Sep 2015

Describe a moment from today that you want to remember always.


I smiled as I made my way to upstairs to get ready to go to AOI's preschool AGM with my husband. Last year he couldn't come because we decided he would stay home and I would go to the meeting (which I didn't pay much attention to).

I smiled as I went to the car, we were going out leaving the kids with their grandparents. AOI was clued to her grandma and TOI wanted to read a book with his granddad. When they're gone we'll miss these simple moments.

In the afternoon the grandparents offered to take the children for an afternoon nap-time walk. This gave me the time and space to do some work.

Having the children spending quality time with their grandparents was one of the precious moments from today that I want to remember always
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