18 Jan 2016




this week you turned two. you're funny, loves to dance with your granny and loves to cuddle me to sleep. in the night you always wake up to come sleep curled up to me. You're so playful and you like to jump on my back. One morning as you sat on my back I asked "Am I a horse."
"No, you a cow." yep, you're becoming very vocal.

AOI and TOI,
I love to watch your complicity. this is a moment after preparing some chocolate cupcakes with grandma. AOI says "Let's sit her and wait." I had to snap.

for some time now, you choose your own CDs when we go to the library. this week you wanted to listen to Jungle Book. 

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  1. They are such beautiful children <3 I love that they sat down and watched the cookies together.


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