22 Jan 2016



Just finished talking to my sister, she was concerned too.

Today Saskatchewan, the quiet province of Canada, made it self heard in the world.

My mom phoned me to ask if I'm fine. Then she told me there have been some shooting in  north Saskatchewan. I had my heart racing because I don't like bad news. For this reason I don't even watch, listen or read the news. But unfortunately four families will get a call and that will not bring tears of joy but tears of despair because their loved ones that they say goodbye to this morning because they were going to school will never come back.

I feel just like the Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall:
"Words cannot express my shock and sorrow at the horrific events today in La Loche," Wall said. "My thoughts and prayers are with all the victims, their families and friends and all the people of the community..."

Lord protect us, guide us and love us as we go and come on our daily routine. I'm so sad and in time like today I'm scared of this world but I won't let fear stop me or my family from living lie to the fullest; going to places and enjoying what God.

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