9 Jan 2016

Life in Photos and Words: Week 1

Already a week since we came into 2016. It has been busy, the journey back from US was uneventful until the last stretch from the airplane to the security check, it was here that TOI decided that he didn't want to leave the plane and wanted to cry, run and be very upset. Lucky that AOI was asleep in a wheelchair and that the very kind security check agents (don't know the proper terminology) were there to help me from picking my luggage and seeing me unto a taxi. I won't dwell on it because all in all, after only two days of taking it easy, it was not bad and I can't wait for our spring holidays. Meanwhile hubby is in Ghana for a workshop.

We started our new year day in New York City. It felt so surreal walking the streets of the city with my family. AOI was coming down with something and TOI was getting over something so we weren't all mind free but I still made most of it by capturing the city in that moment. I don't know when we will be on the east side again so I wanted to just document each second. The previous night after we spend the afternoon with my mum at her work place in Westwood NJ, we decided to drive through New York City, it was about twenty minutes drive away from Bronx. The traffic was good so we drove all the way to the point from where you can see the Liberty Statue. We packed there for about ten minutes, just enough time to use the toilet in the nearest hotel which I later found out it was the Ritz Carlton in Battery Park. One thing I learned from this little detour is that confidence takes you far places.
Each time I take a snap I think about my kids because I'm making these memories for my kids. I think about them looking at these photos in 10 years time and maybe in a little corner of their minds remember that mummy was happy to be in that spot with them.

One highlight was meeting Peg and Joy, two lovely ladies that I've had the pleasure of following their journey for over three years. It was so nice to see all our families there and the kids interacting with each other. AOI wasn't feeling very well so she didn't play much, at one point I saw JOE talking to her. When I got closer AOI told me "Mummy I'm talking to JOE." My heart swell each time I think of that moment.


  1. Wow, it sounds amazing to start the New Year in NYC. I've never been there before. I enjoyed the pictures and words. I'm glad you were able to spend time with family and friends <3

    1. It was really nice meeting friends that I've known for ages via internet. We just clicked and didn't have to break any ice. I would really love to meet you too one day.

  2. TOI, it was so nice meeting you and the family. It's so nice to meet the person behind the blog :). I am excited for the next time we get to meet up again.

    1. I'm so glad we were able to see you and the family too, it really felt so natural interacting, I can't wait to see you again :)


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