16 Jan 2016


This week I took a challenge even without knowing I was doing so. I wasn't afraid to capture the darker side of the light, I love it.

The children played together a lot and even when AOI wanted to have all the toys for herself they played together. She was more grumpy, telling me often that all the toys belongs to her, she wanted a bigger house a different bed, like her friends. She screamed couple of times and I had to give her talk. She had to stop it if not I'm not going to be energized enough to sit throughout her bedtime routine. I also told her that it was not healthy for her to be always upset even when there was no need to be. I know that's harsh but since I had that talk with her she was able to manage her temper and manners.

She was great, she thought more about being happy rather than being unhappy. She was polite and asked nicely. At the end of the day she said "I was very good, wasn't I?" "Yes, let's say 90% good behavior, you can improve to 100%." All may seem too much for a four years old to handle but she is a clever girl and if I let her she will really walk over us.

This week my sweet boy turned two, I wasn't sad but just so proud. He is a polite little kiddo, it is so sweet to here him say "No, thank you. Yes please." Such a fine young gentle-boy.

It was brutal cold, I did an amazing workshop on journaling and I can't wait to do that again. But next week I'm going to take it a bit easy and plan the year.


  1. I wouldn't feel bad for being harsh. It's our job as parents to instill in them being happy/grateful and making the most of what you have. All little kids want what another kid has... it's like a kid-law or something. ;) Dom goes through this too at times, ESPECIALLY other kids birthday parties.

    Your pictures are beautiful, I love the snow scene by the bridge.

    1. "It's our job as parents to instill in them being happy/grateful and making the most of what you have." So glad to read this because make me feel better to know that it's alright to be strong so I can bring up a thoughtful and grateful little person. It's such a struggle to be a mother and educator. I'm always working on that

    2. I love that shit too, so romantic :)


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