23 Jan 2016



AOI missed her daddy so much. She asked a new friend to come over for a play date. It was after dance class and as I changed her she asked "Can I have OW and AS for play date today?" We didn;t have anything planned so it was easy to say yes. OW was the only one available to come. They had so much fun.

She is getting better at starting to be calm and not scream when something doesn't the way she wants it. She reminds me of my younger self. She doesn't like to be told off, but I can't let her get away with everything. Like when she takes something away from her brother. In a similar way I don't let TOI get away from everything that he does to hurt AOI's feelings.

But other times it's impossible to prevent the incident from happening. One day they were playing beautifully then the next second TOI is smacking AOI's face with a wooden crocodile toy, or other times he is smashing her head with a plastic hammer.

The weather was great only 0 on Friday. We just had to be out. The kids spent most of Friday afternoon building snow sculptors. I started first phase of building a snow cave: piling up the snow.

Three weeks away from her daddy is proving too much. When he phones she doesn't want to talk to him because she is cross with him for being away. On Friday evening whilst getting ready for bed AOI,, out of the blue, states:
"I'm not going to live in this house forever."
"If daddy does come back from where he is, I'm going to move there to the country he is in."
"Oh, really?"
"Are you going to leave me here alone?"
"You can come too if you want to come too."

Saturday she started crying declaring that she doesn't want a mummy but a daddy.
"Why?" I asked knowing too well the answer
"I want to daddy to be here."
"Do you miss daddy?"
"Yes. I want daddy to be here because I miss him."
"Don't worry he is coming tomorrow." I cuddled her, forgetting about the fact that she I was not pleased with the fight that happened with her brother just a minute prior. "Tomorrow you will go to school, then see your frienda nd then after dinner we will go pick up daddy."
"Wow, that sounds busy."
"Yes, tomorrow is going to be busy so sleep to get your energy back."

On the other hand little TOI is missing his daddy too because this morning he woke up and as if he has seen something scary started crying and clinging tightly to me, calling "Papa', papa'..."  
And I, on the other hand, am thinking about all the things we can built/organize together when he comes back home.

We're all missing AMI being away for work in Ghana. We're definitely going with him next time. 

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