18 Jan 2016


I just realized that  didn't even take a photo throughout the day. As the kids sleep I reflect on how the day was.

I wanted to take it easy after a busy week. The kids room was full of toys. I made sure they work clean after themselves. TOI helps sometimes but other times he brings everything out again, poor AOI has to do the clean up twice. I'm there to help but I keep on telling them that if they want to bring out all of their toys then they have to clean up too if not the toys can go to children who will take better car of it.

The weather was -31 degrees but we went to church and for the very first time AOI was so getting ready without me asking her non-stop and even TOI was not making everything challenging. Grandmom was a wonderful help. Though I didn't like it when we had a quick disagreement about earrings for little girls.

How was your Sunday?

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  1. You left me curious about the disagreement about earrings on little girls. Hope you are all well and that 2016 is a fantastic year for you and yours.

  2. I'm digging the mood of these photos so much right now.

    -31 degrees? Yikes! As much as I love cold weather, I think I'd have a conniption. My body ain't used to that!

    Hmmm...I'd love to hear more about this disagreement. Sounds like it would spark a great debate ;)

    XO |EESH

  3. Can you come help me get Dominic to clean up after himself?!

    Fortunately, you are mom, so whatever your stance is on earrings is law :)


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