11 Jan 2016

Sunday In My City: Victoria Bridge

Sunday, January 10th was an historical day in my city. Many people gathered to say goodbye to a 109 years old Victoria Bridge, also known as the Traffic Bridge.

It's an historical landmark of the city because it opened on Oct. 10, 1907 when it became Saskatoon's first bridge for foot and vehicle traffic. It was primarily built to connect Nutana and Riversdale. Also it was replacing an unreliable ferry service. The Traffic Bridge was the only road bridge in Saskatoon until 1916, when the University Bridge was completed. In 2010, the bridge was permanently closed due to severe corrosion and has been partially demolished.

Today two more sessions were blown off. The remaining two sessions will be taken down by the end of the year. The completion of a new bridge is planned for the fall of 2018

I loved that bridge because of its Victorian style, I never had the pleasure to walk on it but I was always drawn to it during my moments of reflections. I always felt so blessed whenever I went to yoga in the Rotary Park with such a grand background.

I'll miss it for sure.

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