15 Jan 2016



It was lovely to wake up around the same time you were born two years go. I whispered happy two years, you smile. Curled next to me for extra cuddles. The day was spend quietly with you just asking for your snack when you wanted. You didn't cry for more gifts. I love this obliviousness about birthday celebrations and gifts. You were happy to receive the plane from granddad, the ZOO school bag, the Nemo play book, the stuck up boxes with farm animal with them, the little stuffy elephant your sister chose for you and the Polar Polar Bear what do you hear book.

You talk so much, your words re getting clearer. We can understand most of what you say. You love your sister so much even when she wants all the toys you received, you were willing to share with her though some times you cried when she unfairly took your toys away from you.

You're two and I can't wait to document more of this year for you to read and see one day.

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