29 Feb 2016


At our last Costco shopping trip my husband suggested we buy already made pizzas that you can prepare and bake but it was not the same as the pizzas that I prepare at home from scratch.

I learnt to make pizza back in Italy because AMI loves pizza, every time he came to visit he would spend his money in good Italian pizza. I do pizza but the yeast that I used in Italy was fresh from the bakery shop so it was difficult to do a good dough.

Well, I'm happy to say that I can now make a lovely dough, in the best is that it's so simple for this lazy cook.

So Sunday after church I prepared the dough with the help oh my dear girl. It's such a nice bonding moment with her. She was so happy to feel the dough on her tiny fingers. I was happy to hold her sweet hands in my hands to clean them for her. We laughed, she wanted to eat the dough but I managed to convince her to not do it.

We then left the house to go and look for a swimwear for AMI but we didn't find any. I lost my phone but luckily someone found it and now I'm a happy woman again.


26 Feb 2016


 AOI was home the whole of last week.

Monday was family day in Saskatchewan so in the afternoon we met with CB for a playdate at her house and then we went to ice skate at the downtown's ice rink. It was so beautiful seeing more people. The event was sponsored by Tim Hortons, unfortunately we didn't have the chance to get the children's face painted and having them drink hot chocolate.

Tuesday I had an interview at a local television station about my book so I had the nanny over in the morning. On my way back home I decided to go snap more photos of Victoria Bridge, I love this bridge so much and I don't know what to do will all the photos I'm taking.

Wednesday we went swimming and I can't get enough of AOI's bouncy girls after the pool. I want her to know how beautiful her hair is and I'm glad other people are telling her too, though she was a bit upset after her paternal grandmother old her she has wild her. She can be a bit careless when talking to kids. I'm so particular about words and I guess my daughter takes that after me.

Thursday we went to playgroup then the AMI's work, she opted for that instead of going to CB's house. The beautiful pond that turns into an ice rink in winter is closed. I would like to sky at least once on the pond before spring comes.

Friday morning AMI took both kids to his work to have a daddy and kids day. The children enjoyed watching the dinosaurs and then walking and running through the tunnels. I had a productive morning. Started working on my novel properly. I picked them up and took them to the swimming pool. We then went to our local library. TOI had a nap and the we went to pick AMI from work. It was a very busy day but fun.

We really had a beautiful week with AOI at home and she did too. We cuddled more, and laughed more, she had some moments of meltdowns but not too bad to make me tired. The week flew by so quickly, but she was so ready to go back to school because she likes her teacher.

24 Feb 2016


AOI and TOI: Playing Elsa and Anna, he really wanted to wear his own dress and today he got the pink princess dress. The fun to be kids.

TOI: before his grandmother left for Britain he was addicted to the fish game on he tablet. 

AOI: my muse, so difficult to photograph her. She has to move non stop.

22 Feb 2016


Good morning amici! Hope last week was good for everyone.

I decided to take a break from blogging and social media. Once in a while is worth taking a step from all the technology that surrounds.

Last Sunday, on Valentine's day, the sky was as you see in the photos, limpid blue so we enjoyed a rare family fun day outside in the afternoon. In the morning we didn't go to church and after lunch we headed to the nearest hill to have some fun on the snow. When we got there TOI was fast asleep, so he slept in the sledge whilst AOI, AMI and I had so me fun on the slopes. All for free.

There is only one surviving part of the bridge but I'm sure that will go away soon.

Sunday 21, we went to church in the morning. AOI was in a great mood and TOI too. Daddy wanted to buy them some more lego because they're loving creative play with their legos and so far they've built their own planes and horses with the lego. So we wanted to have more pieces. Also he finished setting up the train truck on the play bench he built about two years ago. He initially built the platform and then last week he built the legs and today he attached some train tracks on them.

We stayed home in the afternoon but that was nice because the children are enjoying creatively playing with their lego sets. I enjoy knowing that they're making beautiful childhood memories.

17 Feb 2016


AOI: the week or let's say the past month she has been pretending to be a dog and this hat helps her disguise

AOI and TOI: he started to put on the rug to be a ghost and then sister wanted to be part of the fun

TOI: mornings with him at home are fun, he is independent and decide what to wear to play in. This particular morning he wanted to be an elephant or phant as he pronounces it.

11 Feb 2016



I feel emotional as I sit here tears streaming down my cheeks. Couple years ago one of my brothers went through a lot. The tribulations that my brother went through reminds me of those of Job, but in the end he came triumphant. 

We've asked God for this moment to come into our brother's life.  We can see a glimpse of light at the end of the dark tunnel as he embark on a new exciting journey in his life. Prayers are needed, may God's light guide him and stir him away from evil. May he shine as it's promised. 

Matthew 7:7 
"Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you."

My belly is in knots, but I have faith for Lord's is Alpha and Omega,. Through my brother He is going to show how great He is!

10 Feb 2016



There is one Ghanaian musician, Kofi Antwi, I love his music so much. He is visually so inspiring, I spent most of the week listening to his songs and the kids joined in the fun. I was so proud of slowly share some Ghanaian pop culture with them. I was taken back in time, children flying kites, playing jump, clap and feet, pretending play guitars and just children giggling and enjoying childhood. Antwi is a true artist with a great creative vision.

Also, this week I spent most of the time learning about editing raw files. It's hard but I'm not giving up yet. I want to find my editing signature to my photos.

I did another book signing, it was so small but good company. me and some other ladies started doing Insanity Workout by Shaun T. It's insane but if done regularly it will definitely change my body.

4 Feb 2016


My charming boy really loves his djamaa (granmaa). Always next to her. We're going to miss granmaa when she will go back in England, but we'll see her soon in April.

3 Feb 2016


I could have chosen a red lipstick all spread across my face but I opted for this shot because my girl looks good in red though her favourite colours are blue and green.

2 Feb 2016


1.What is it that you absolutely, without a doubt, believe is true?

That I'm alive.

2.Which goal, resolution, priority or value have you made that will stretch you the most this year?

Excerpt from my journal

On my vision board there is phrase that reads EVERYDAY IS A CHANCE TO..., I've completed the sentence with words such as shine, be daring, be an inspiration.. I want to be brave and live my best life yet, so my mindset doesn't even allow me fathom the idea that any of the things on my vision board is going to be a stretch for me.
... if I take each day as a blank new page then there will be no stretch but a lesson learned.
3.If you were to choose ONE word to focus on this year, what would it be and why? 

Last year, after I completed my vision board, the word that jumped at me was TRUST. I decided to trust in my instincts, because it was what God was telling me to do. I'm happy for how things turned out in 2015. 

Like last year I did another vision board, and the one word that keeps attracting my attention is SELF. Google.ca defines self as 
a person's essential being that distinguishes them from others, especially considered as the object of introspection or reflexive action.
"A person's essential being..." I feel as if I've lost my-SELF and I'm trying to find it back but sometimes are harder than others. And this year I want to claim my essential being back to me. I'm happy to do the vision board because though he word I wanted to choose was CONFIDENT, the universe directed me to choose SELF. May 2016 help me reclaim, rejuvenate and re-balance my essential being: my-self.

4.Take/choose one photo of something that is “just simply beautiful” to you; journal about it.

The complicated intertwine of the branches, the moody atmosphere, the pop of colour from the pine leafs, the white sky clashing with the tree are all the simple things that make it so beautiful. Like a girl in black, dark, not easily pleasing on the eyes, yet if one takes the time to observe, there is beauty behind that mood.

Since last year I've been learning to embrace the dark side of light in my photography.

5.What are you looking forward to saying goodbye to in 2016? 

Insecurity is something I'm tired to carry with me for so long. I want to be able to take actions without looking for approval from friends and family. I want to be bold and reach for the sky without insecurity destroying my time to shine.

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1 Feb 2016


I'm doing a self-portrait project and in the first two photos my daughter found me taking the photos in the living room, she asked me nicely to snap them for me. I smiled and allowed to do so. I then asked to allow me to snap some of her and she made the funny bird mouth pose so I copied it. It was fun.

The last photo was captured by my husband because I didn't have the camera nearby and the kids sometimes loves to sneeze me too tight. I love it but it can be tiring when they're two of them pushing their weight into your tiring arms.


This year my city is going to achieve so many things. To conclude January and the winter festival, on Sunday, thousands of people gathered in Victoria Park to break the world record of the biggest snowball fight.

It was amazing to see so many people, from babies to eldest. I wanted to be part of the record, because my biggest wish has always been to have so many people in one place during the winter season. So I took AOI who was so excited and a bit scared but so brave to help her city reach a world record. There was music, CBC's Rick Mercer, Mayor Don Atchison and Canadian national snowball fighting team. More than 8,000 signed up. There were so many spectators watching from the hill.

I really wish there will be more events during the winter from now on.

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