10 Feb 2016



There is one Ghanaian musician, Kofi Antwi, I love his music so much. He is visually so inspiring, I spent most of the week listening to his songs and the kids joined in the fun. I was so proud of slowly share some Ghanaian pop culture with them. I was taken back in time, children flying kites, playing jump, clap and feet, pretending play guitars and just children giggling and enjoying childhood. Antwi is a true artist with a great creative vision.

Also, this week I spent most of the time learning about editing raw files. It's hard but I'm not giving up yet. I want to find my editing signature to my photos.

I did another book signing, it was so small but good company. me and some other ladies started doing Insanity Workout by Shaun T. It's insane but if done regularly it will definitely change my body.


  1. I love that you're able to share your Ghanaian culture with your children. My son's father is African American, but I'd love to submit his DNA to ancestry.com and see where his black ancestors would have came from, since his descendants would've been slaves and any records prior to them being forced here don't exist.

    Editing raw files can be a challenge! I'm not sure what software you use. Light Room makes editing them fairly easy (usually).

    Congrats on your book signing, and awesome job starting on Shuan T's workout!

    1. i've fallen back on the workout but will pick up again. I'm using lightroom and photoshop, it's challenging but I'm sure once I get it I'll be glad I stuck with it.

      It would be awesome to find out where D's father ancestors come from, African culture is so beautiful and worth discovering.

  2. You get to write, "I did a second book signing". YOU WROTE A BOOK!

    Even if only one person showed up, you wrote something for them to take with them. Amazing!!!


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