26 Feb 2016


 AOI was home the whole of last week.

Monday was family day in Saskatchewan so in the afternoon we met with CB for a playdate at her house and then we went to ice skate at the downtown's ice rink. It was so beautiful seeing more people. The event was sponsored by Tim Hortons, unfortunately we didn't have the chance to get the children's face painted and having them drink hot chocolate.

Tuesday I had an interview at a local television station about my book so I had the nanny over in the morning. On my way back home I decided to go snap more photos of Victoria Bridge, I love this bridge so much and I don't know what to do will all the photos I'm taking.

Wednesday we went swimming and I can't get enough of AOI's bouncy girls after the pool. I want her to know how beautiful her hair is and I'm glad other people are telling her too, though she was a bit upset after her paternal grandmother old her she has wild her. She can be a bit careless when talking to kids. I'm so particular about words and I guess my daughter takes that after me.

Thursday we went to playgroup then the AMI's work, she opted for that instead of going to CB's house. The beautiful pond that turns into an ice rink in winter is closed. I would like to sky at least once on the pond before spring comes.

Friday morning AMI took both kids to his work to have a daddy and kids day. The children enjoyed watching the dinosaurs and then walking and running through the tunnels. I had a productive morning. Started working on my novel properly. I picked them up and took them to the swimming pool. We then went to our local library. TOI had a nap and the we went to pick AMI from work. It was a very busy day but fun.

We really had a beautiful week with AOI at home and she did too. We cuddled more, and laughed more, she had some moments of meltdowns but not too bad to make me tired. The week flew by so quickly, but she was so ready to go back to school because she likes her teacher.

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