22 Feb 2016


Good morning amici! Hope last week was good for everyone.

I decided to take a break from blogging and social media. Once in a while is worth taking a step from all the technology that surrounds.

Last Sunday, on Valentine's day, the sky was as you see in the photos, limpid blue so we enjoyed a rare family fun day outside in the afternoon. In the morning we didn't go to church and after lunch we headed to the nearest hill to have some fun on the snow. When we got there TOI was fast asleep, so he slept in the sledge whilst AOI, AMI and I had so me fun on the slopes. All for free.

There is only one surviving part of the bridge but I'm sure that will go away soon.

Sunday 21, we went to church in the morning. AOI was in a great mood and TOI too. Daddy wanted to buy them some more lego because they're loving creative play with their legos and so far they've built their own planes and horses with the lego. So we wanted to have more pieces. Also he finished setting up the train truck on the play bench he built about two years ago. He initially built the platform and then last week he built the legs and today he attached some train tracks on them.

We stayed home in the afternoon but that was nice because the children are enjoying creatively playing with their lego sets. I enjoy knowing that they're making beautiful childhood memories.

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