15 Mar 2016


I'm taking it easy on the blog because my body demands it.
I do my work and then it already time to go to bed or workout.
Little TOI is so energetic and likes to play rough - wrestling me every chance he gets.
I go to bed early when I can and the result is that
I'm up early and my brain seems to be working with some kind of normality.
I'm using a Mac computer and it seems like I have to learn everything from scratch so my blogging has also slow down.
I miss the old way of blogging and it seems like most of the people I started blogging have moved on or are not updating their lives as before.
I have to find time to write, but I've worked out a plan that I'm using to be able to balance everything as a woman, mother, freelancer and wife.

Let's see ow that turns out.

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