16 Mar 2016


I remember that before AMI decided to accept his job offer in Canada he made some inquiries.

He knew a guy from Canada and he asked him if the people in the place are welcoming towards mix couples. This guy responded that Canadians are generally very friendly and we won't find it difficult to fit in.

I moved to Italy when I was little and until then I did not know I was black. I knew some people were people but I never thought about race as in black and white  until my move to Italy.

Also I never questioned what other people thought about me dating a white man until I moved to London and some people started to ask me what my family thought about me dating a white man. My family never questioned his race but more his honesty. But people asking questions like "what your mother said when you took a white man home?..." make me wonder if they look at us and ask themselves what we are together for. I consider my Hubby to be first and foremost my man and my love and I did not thought about his race (does that make me a bad person). I was in love and never felt in love due to his race...

I could go on and on, but yes thinking about my children make me question if the world will still be so race obsessed when they are old, my dreamy  heart says things will be better (something that the same heart told me 18 year ago before I met my husband and felt in love). I will teach them to love and cherish people not based on colour but based on their good heart.


  1. This is a beautiful post. I often wonder the same thing. My kids don't notice people's race yet. I pray the world is better when they get older.

  2. A difficult conversation to engage in because we are a people that learn quickly how to distinguish ourselves from one another, but need to work harder to see the intention and character of a person - especially when we're hurt.


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