3 Jun 2016


One of the best features of smart phones has always been having a camera at your finger tips. But as much as I love photography I never considered it a proper way to document our lives, so much that I was focused on getting a big camera as soon as I arrived in Canada.

My photos improved in quality but I was convinced that a bigger (powerful) camera would take my photography to the level I wanted. So before the birth of my second child I upgraded to a full frame. Financially it was a big commitment but I took the jump and bought one. I practiced in auto by capturing some photos of my pregnant belly, my daughter, husband and few friends.

When baby number two was born, I felt overwhelmed with excitement and wanted to shout to the whole wide world. I wanted to document every little detail and breath in my sweet baby boy. With my body still trembling from the birth I couldn't carry the big camera with me everywhere so I started using my camera phone more, that's why I started to use InstaGram (IG) more often.

Initially I took my photos without any technical thinking in mind, just click to click. On the third week of using IG I found a community @clickinmoms and through their daily prompt as inspiration I began to take my phone-graphy seriously more than the simple point-n-shoot I have been using it for. Instead the camera phone became a tool to improve my photography skills.

I employed few changes to up my game and share better photos on my IG account (@theodoraofosuhima), I'm still far away from being good but I think I'm getting there so I want to share what I do.

Put simply photography is the science, art and practising of creating durable images by recording the light so getting your photos to the next level you need to dedicate a big potion of the learning path to understanding light. To get the light of your choice tap on the screen, on your subject, the camera will display a yellow box around the subject with a sun icon next to it, swipe up to get more light, swipe down to get a moody feel. Natural light is a must - sometimes you have to find your favourite location and turn off the light when shooting in the day, at night use the artificial light creatively.

    This point is major because focus is the key to achieve a great shot, you can decide to capture a blurry shot but you have to do that with intent, to create a feel to the story you're trying to convey. To get a harp image, hold your finger down on the screen a little longer than usual - that helps focus on the subject before releasing. Also hold your camera still, wobbly fingers will create blurry images.

    Negative space is the area between and around objects in a photo. Clean background gives atheistically pleasing images, an entirely different atmosphere.

    I know beauty is in the eyes of the beholder but taking only photos of our children beautiful faces can limit our photography abilities. Find different perspective, capture their tininess, their playfulness.                                            


    Take your time. I used to rush into taking photos. One thing I switched from was taking photos without any thought behind. Following the daily prompt @clickinmoms posted each week for inspiration before I shoot my subject helped me to be more creative within a short frame of time. 

    As I mentioned above I took the prompts posted by @clickinmoms and thus challenged myself to aim for better shots, never the obvious one.

    I really hope that my 2% on how to improve your photography with your iPhone or smart phone will inspire you this month to challenge your photography journey.

    QUESTION: How are you going to challenge yourself this month with your smart phone camera or iPhone? 

    Please comment and let me know what you think.

    1 Jun 2016

    June Be Bee

    June you are a bee and I know it. This month looks busy already full of positive events. June 1st and I'm busy putting some photos together for an art event that's coming up soon. In case you're interested in some of my travel prints let's me know because soon I'll have some up for purchase.

    Stay blessed
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