30 Jul 2016


Thank you all for the best wishes. We feel so thankful for all your caring comments.

Eleven years ago today hubby and I said we do in front of our families and friends. I look at our wedding ceremony and celebration pictures and I couldn't have imagined the trials our love would have been through. We've come so far and give more thanks to the Lord for this amazing blessing He keeps showering over us. The many things we've been through, the ups and downs are a tool Lord want us to use to remember to appreciate the little things in live.

Our children are the most precious symbol of our love. For them we want to be strong and happy. Each day, we can tell, we're doing something that is helping us build a stronger relationship and a happy family.

We spent the day together as a family. We talked about making our house a home, we talked about little things. Ate fish and chips for lunch and pizza for dinner. We talked about sabbatical year in Europe and spending extended time with our family in Europe, to go to Ghana. We stole kisses from each other, we smiled. My heart warmed as the afternoon shower reminded me of the rain blessing at the end of our wedding day eleven years ago.

This year we didn't exchange gifts because I wanted to gift more of my heart. Gifting love and affection are the best. So I gifted my husband the heartfelt promise to steal kisses from him throughout the year. To love him without holding back.

29 Jul 2016


Today was busy, not so busy but busy enough. AOI was doing her last day of gymnastic camp and I wanted to be there.

I notice that people tend to be so surprise to see AOI doing everything without limitation. I'm not surprise because I never think of her as a little girl missing her left hand but just a little girl doing everything she likes to do and want to try to do. I give them room to say no to activities. "It's okay to try something new but if you don't like it then tell me why and you don't have to go." I said to her days and hours leading to the camp.
"Okay mummy, I can do it for the time it has to be done and then I don't have to go again."
"Yes, but if you try today and don't like it the you can stop."

I never told her she was born without her left hand because I always felt like what's the point, she will be conscious in her own time. Just like my family never told me I was born black and I never knew I was black but brown until I moved to Italy. So I always knew that the time will come. The time came but it didn't bothered her because she was born like that. I didn't go into any detail, I didn't try to teach how to adapt. She finds her own way. This summer she did her first summer camp (just a week), she loved it but she is like a dolphin and she is looking forward to try synchronized swimming.

This long entry to just say encourage your children in their chosen activities. Set your fears aside and let them be kids {all children are fearless until fear is put into them). Let them try new things. Let us not set them a limit.

28 Jul 2016


The photo doesn't have anything related to the post, but I love and miss my home in Italy.

I miss miss journaling on my blog.

I don't know why but for some reason I stopped journaling and I believe that has affected my blogging experience. What I loved about my blog was that it was a journal for me to vent about silly thing running through my head. Also I loved documenting our everyday life because I believe that once we get all our dreams into reality who will remember how we lived the day to day life with our wild children.

I pledge to start writing my blog as a journal again.

Let me start by saying this week the kids have been very good listeners. Daddy is away in DC for work. In the morning they want to have lie ins and just lounge around. I don't rash them to have breakfast. Of course AOI has a grumpy moments just before breakfast (wow, 4 years is the worse on grumpiness, so tiring), but when she is in a happy mood then it feels like the sun is in our living room. Laughter and jokes. Lately they're all about the word bottom bottom, with British accent, so sweet but don't really like to hear them say especially because TOI is just two and AOI didn't say such words at his age, but I guess he is going to learn a lot early because sister doesn't know he is little lately because he really is fun to play with).

I miss Europe but I'm channelling all my desire to go there to save for a great year there next year. I would like us to have Hubby's sabbatical year in Europe and Ghana. Won't that be awesome?

Feeling already better after this quick entry.

21 Jul 2016

Guns are Epidemic They Should be Banned!

I really don't want to turn my blog into a political platform but I can't sit and not comment on the current idiocy that is happening in the world.

I'm sad, so sad about every bad news I hear each day. The moment I feel like music has cured me a little then bang, another disaster.

What else does a black person has to do to not get shot by the police in America?


A man (Charles Kinsey) lying down on his back, hands up, explaining calmly and clearly his occupation (behavioural therapist) to you (policemen), making you aware that there is no gun and the gentleman sitting next to him is his autistic patient. You still shoot the man lying on his back (by accident you say), with his hands right up. He complied, but still you fire your gun. The excuse? We were trying to help Charles Kinsey. Then he was handcuffed and left on the street bleeding why you phone the ambulance. So don't make a press release and say your idiocy about trying to help him. 

Some ask why does American problem concern me?

I don't concern myself with only American problem concern, I have a whole wide world (www) problem. I know from experience, as a black person, my problem is www discrimination, even in the land of freedom.

I always think what if I'm in America with my children, they may be throwing tantrums because I'm taking a toy from them. A passerby may phone the police. The police may come but without hearing what I have to say they point their gun at us. Who will tell our stories.

Guns are epidemic they should be banned!

I'm SO thankful #CharlesKinsey, is alive. I hope there will be a radical changes in the system. I'm so glad Mr Kinsey is a member of the Circle of Brotherhood collective who do good deeds for the community and they are demanding answers from the police. I hope this incident doesn't go overlooked.

16 Jul 2016

Remembering Blogher2015 in New York City

About a year ago today I was in my hotel room on the twenty first floor. I couldn't sleep I kept talking to my pregnant sister who was try to sleep in the bed next to mine. I was high on adrenaline because I was thinking about all of the events that happened to me since I arrived in New York the day before.

We arrived in New York evening. We got a tuktuk taxi to the hotel, pretending living the high life and paying about $60 from the bus station. As soon as we checked into our hotel room we decided to explore New York by night.

My first girlie holiday with my sister @mrs._pancakes. 

It was epic! 

I met amazing ladies such as @lashawnwiltz @tipatipati @marinobambinos @thedanifaust @harlemlovebirds in real life and made new wonderful friends such as @elancmorgan @jetsetterproblems. I learnt a lot during the @blogher conference. The message I got from the whole experience is that  gave me throughout my journey.

We were staying at @nyhiltonmidtown. As soon as we walked into our room and saw that it was overlooking a parking lot, I said to my sister "No way, we can't be in New York near Central Park without seeing the park from our hotel room. I would like to change the room." We phoned concierge  and they told us that they would change the room for us the following days. We went to sleep happy waiting for the following day because it was going to be super busy.

In the morning I had to meet a friend that I haven't seen since high school in Italy. My sister had to meet Kimberly so we organized a brunch at Sara Beth's restaurant. We then went to a fashion show where I was photographer. On our way back we saw Nellie from Brooklyn Active Mama.We were so happy to see her, because, finally, we could see the person behind  blog we've been following for so many years in real life.

Each keynote left me with goosebumps. Their words inspired me so much. 

It was the first keynote of the conference that opened my eyes about the #blacklivesmatter movement. It was an interview with two of the founders of the movement, Patrisse Cullors and Opal Tometi. The host was Vanessa K. De Luca, the editor-in-chief of Essence magazine. The conference room was packed to the roof. It was amazing. 

I felt ashamed that I didn't know about the movement, that I didn't know about Sandra Bland. I knew of Trayvon I guess because it became international news. I still felt so bad about not knowing of the daily injustice many black people have to face. Injustice that was reducing some people to lose how God created to live. That a child's natural way of throwing a tantrum could be seen as a threat. I truly believed America was the land of freedom and even though through some blogs I could depict still bigotry I thought that government and system was better than some people. But it was not the case in 2015 and not the case in 2016. I forgave myself and promised myself never to forget about the movement. Since then I cannot be silent  in front of injustice because my life as a black woman matters. Also I have families and the injustice many black people are facing could happen to them. It could happen to me if I'm there and I met the wrong person. 

I still feel emotional when I think about the whole experience. I can't wait to repeat in 2017 (unfortunately I can't go this year).

Howeer, two messages I got from the whole experience were: you don't need permission to live and don't be afraid to ask for what you want.

My trip taught me how much God loves me. He is my guide, I open my heart and soul for Him to work through me. AMEN!


14 Jul 2016

Healing Songs

Music is truly a healing medicine.

In these days of sadness I've been listening to Luky Dube, his songs are helping me cope. Reggae is my healing tool
Listening to Lucky Dube's lyrics, words that lured me to sleep when I was in my teens and was in pain due to love and missing my father. I listened back in my teens for a better future soothe my aching heart.


"Sun went down on the mountainBirds flew back to their hiding placesLeaving him standing there like a telephone poleIn the still of the nightYou and I dreamDreaming of Romeo & JulietAll he dreams about is the freedom of the nationWhen every man will be equal In the eyes of the lawAs he closes his eyesFor the last time he said again" House of Exile by Lucky Dube
Bob Marley said
"How long shall they kill our prophets
While we stand aside and look"
But little did he know that
Eventually the enemy
Will stand aside and look
While we slash and kill our own brothers
Knowing that already
They are the victims of the situation

{Victims by Lucky Dube)

11 Jul 2016

This Time I Stand Up to Speak

I've been away for so long from this blog of mine.

I didn't share my second tutorial on photography because it was Canada Day and we took the day off, we were too tired.

I'ven't talked about how much I like the fact that Beyonce brought out a masterpiece of work that I wouldn't mind purchasing. That's because for the first time, in my opinion, she's using her huge platform to raise awareness about the social injustice affecting black people. 
“Freedom,” perhaps the most politically aware song from her recent album “Lemonade,” is an empowerment anthem for black women with lyrics that invoke both the historical subjugation of African Americans by slavery and current menaces of racial profiling and police brutality. But perhaps even more powerful than the lyrics themselves were the visuals that accompanied the song in video that launched with the album in April: The mothers of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and Eric Garner holding portraits of their dead children. {source
I don't like watching the news.

That's a decision I took when I was about twelve. News kills the joy within with all the bad news. In Italy, the bad news was always concerning an immigrant. So it's painful to keep on reading bad news left and right regarding black people, especially when it comes from the land of freedom.

I don't have a TV but news still get to me through social media. If you follow me on ig then you know a bit about my feelings about the current events of social injustice. Normally when things are happening and scare me, I hide in my bubble but this time instead of running away from the problems, I want to stand up to talk, to be part of the solution.

I'm aware that in every movement there are extremists. I don't condone violence, I'm for peace. #blacklivesmatter stands for peace for black people, no more senseless killing from police brutality and injustice (to recognize that there are black people in the police forces, and there are good people in the police forces) so when some don't understand the slog and mixes it for anti-white, anti-america they miss the point. The civil right movement achieved a lot but the work is incomplete because the black people and all the citizens that are classified as 'minority' don't have the full judicial rights.

When I was little I wanted to be rich to be able to help those in need, but as I've been thinking, what can I do to help? and following the events on social media., I came up to @thejonmoody ig account. In a post he posted in Febraury he shared Jim Crey's motivational speech "...the effect you have on others is the most valuable currency there is. How will you serve the world? What to they need that your talent can provide. That's all you have to figure how." this is a sign from God and it encourages me to do what I know how to. Raise awareness through the gift God has given me. My creativity. I will raise awareness about social movements such as #blacklivesmatter #idlenomore #reconciliationcanada on each platform the Lord will allow me to step on. I want Him to work through me, to listen to the prayer I said when I was about seven years old on the bus that took me school in Kumasi: to make some good in this world.
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