30 Jul 2016


Thank you all for the best wishes. We feel so thankful for all your caring comments.

Eleven years ago today hubby and I said we do in front of our families and friends. I look at our wedding ceremony and celebration pictures and I couldn't have imagined the trials our love would have been through. We've come so far and give more thanks to the Lord for this amazing blessing He keeps showering over us. The many things we've been through, the ups and downs are a tool Lord want us to use to remember to appreciate the little things in live.

Our children are the most precious symbol of our love. For them we want to be strong and happy. Each day, we can tell, we're doing something that is helping us build a stronger relationship and a happy family.

We spent the day together as a family. We talked about making our house a home, we talked about little things. Ate fish and chips for lunch and pizza for dinner. We talked about sabbatical year in Europe and spending extended time with our family in Europe, to go to Ghana. We stole kisses from each other, we smiled. My heart warmed as the afternoon shower reminded me of the rain blessing at the end of our wedding day eleven years ago.

This year we didn't exchange gifts because I wanted to gift more of my heart. Gifting love and affection are the best. So I gifted my husband the heartfelt promise to steal kisses from him throughout the year. To love him without holding back.


  1. I love your gift this year. Definitely more precious. Happy Anniversary you guys. Wishing you many more!

  2. Awww...i remember your wedding day so clearly and it truly was a magical day! And here's many many more years to you and hubby!

  3. This was such a beautiful post.

    The gift of love is the best gift of all. Stolen kisses come in a close second! Happy Anniversary love, I'm looking forward to posts about your declaration of love and family for many years to come.

    XO |EESH


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