21 Jul 2016

Guns are Epidemic They Should be Banned!

I really don't want to turn my blog into a political platform but I can't sit and not comment on the current idiocy that is happening in the world.

I'm sad, so sad about every bad news I hear each day. The moment I feel like music has cured me a little then bang, another disaster.

What else does a black person has to do to not get shot by the police in America?


A man (Charles Kinsey) lying down on his back, hands up, explaining calmly and clearly his occupation (behavioural therapist) to you (policemen), making you aware that there is no gun and the gentleman sitting next to him is his autistic patient. You still shoot the man lying on his back (by accident you say), with his hands right up. He complied, but still you fire your gun. The excuse? We were trying to help Charles Kinsey. Then he was handcuffed and left on the street bleeding why you phone the ambulance. So don't make a press release and say your idiocy about trying to help him. 

Some ask why does American problem concern me?

I don't concern myself with only American problem concern, I have a whole wide world (www) problem. I know from experience, as a black person, my problem is www discrimination, even in the land of freedom.

I always think what if I'm in America with my children, they may be throwing tantrums because I'm taking a toy from them. A passerby may phone the police. The police may come but without hearing what I have to say they point their gun at us. Who will tell our stories.

Guns are epidemic they should be banned!

I'm SO thankful #CharlesKinsey, is alive. I hope there will be a radical changes in the system. I'm so glad Mr Kinsey is a member of the Circle of Brotherhood collective who do good deeds for the community and they are demanding answers from the police. I hope this incident doesn't go overlooked.

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  1. It's a sad and ignorant world we live in.


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