11 Jul 2016

This Time I Stand Up to Speak

I've been away for so long from this blog of mine.

I didn't share my second tutorial on photography because it was Canada Day and we took the day off, we were too tired.

I'ven't talked about how much I like the fact that Beyonce brought out a masterpiece of work that I wouldn't mind purchasing. That's because for the first time, in my opinion, she's using her huge platform to raise awareness about the social injustice affecting black people. 
“Freedom,” perhaps the most politically aware song from her recent album “Lemonade,” is an empowerment anthem for black women with lyrics that invoke both the historical subjugation of African Americans by slavery and current menaces of racial profiling and police brutality. But perhaps even more powerful than the lyrics themselves were the visuals that accompanied the song in video that launched with the album in April: The mothers of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and Eric Garner holding portraits of their dead children. {source
I don't like watching the news.

That's a decision I took when I was about twelve. News kills the joy within with all the bad news. In Italy, the bad news was always concerning an immigrant. So it's painful to keep on reading bad news left and right regarding black people, especially when it comes from the land of freedom.

I don't have a TV but news still get to me through social media. If you follow me on ig then you know a bit about my feelings about the current events of social injustice. Normally when things are happening and scare me, I hide in my bubble but this time instead of running away from the problems, I want to stand up to talk, to be part of the solution.

I'm aware that in every movement there are extremists. I don't condone violence, I'm for peace. #blacklivesmatter stands for peace for black people, no more senseless killing from police brutality and injustice (to recognize that there are black people in the police forces, and there are good people in the police forces) so when some don't understand the slog and mixes it for anti-white, anti-america they miss the point. The civil right movement achieved a lot but the work is incomplete because the black people and all the citizens that are classified as 'minority' don't have the full judicial rights.

When I was little I wanted to be rich to be able to help those in need, but as I've been thinking, what can I do to help? and following the events on social media., I came up to @thejonmoody ig account. In a post he posted in Febraury he shared Jim Crey's motivational speech "...the effect you have on others is the most valuable currency there is. How will you serve the world? What to they need that your talent can provide. That's all you have to figure how." this is a sign from God and it encourages me to do what I know how to. Raise awareness through the gift God has given me. My creativity. I will raise awareness about social movements such as #blacklivesmatter #idlenomore #reconciliationcanada on each platform the Lord will allow me to step on. I want Him to work through me, to listen to the prayer I said when I was about seven years old on the bus that took me school in Kumasi: to make some good in this world.


  1. I enjoyed reading this. We all need to do better and leave positive effects wherever we go. I know it is easier said than done. I am often reminded of Napoleon Bonaparte's saying. I don't care for the man himself but he said something very important. "the only immortality is the memory we leave behind in the minds of men. Everything else on earth is soon forgotten except the opinion we leave imprinted on history."

    1. "Everything else on earth is soon forgotten except the opinion we leave imprinted on history." such a lovely quote


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