30 Aug 2016


Yep, the time is here.

Last weekend before the busy school year begins came and went.

The weekend was spent purging accumulated junk from over the years and during the summer. We went to swim and have fun in a busy swimming pool. I did some sessions and had fun at the park with the children.

But most of all we went to purchase school supplies for AOI.

Back to school supply shopping took me by surprise this weekend. I didn't intend to disappear on people but driving up and down the city to find everything on the list was a great task but I felt a rush of joy running through my veins. That reminded me of my school days how the little cartolibreria on the corso near my house in Italy would be busy getting all our school supplies for us. My mum didn't take us shopping she just went and bought what she could afford and sometimes put the rest on credit at the shop. It is a small town and everyone knows most people, we were part of the town for we lived there most of our lives.

Friday (2nd Sep) little girl starts kindergarten. She is excited and so I'm. Then Wednesday (7th Sep) little boy is starting preschool. Today he was telling me how he loves to see his preschool friends (he doesn't have any yet, but I'm sure he's looking forward to make new friends. Me too). It's going to be adventurous because I have to be at school with him for the first three months, three times a week. I will have little time to do anything that relates to my craft but I know it's the home stretch before I get to dedicate more time to my work. I'll learn to combine school activities, after school activities and my career.

I'm hopeful I'll find the solution.

What is happening to you right now?

24 Aug 2016


"Hide under a table." That's was what my geography teacher used to tell us kids in our geography lesson when we were studying the provinces that are more prone to earthquakes.

But I always questioned "What if I'm sleeping." That's how it happened in Pompeii long ago. When the Vesuvio awoke, it was in the middle of the night. People were most vulnerable in their sleep and unable to escape. So it happened to Amatrice last night when the earth quaked.

The magnitude 6.2 quake struck at 03:36 (01:36 GMT), 100km (65 miles) north-east of Rome, not far from Perugia.
Many of the dead were in Accumoli, close to the epicentre, and a short distance away in Amatrice, where three-quarters of houses were destroyed.
Many people are still believed buried under the rubble, and the death toll is expected to rise. {via bbc}

Amatrice is a city famous in Italy as a beauty spot and is a popular holiday destination for Romans seeking cool mountain air at the height of the summer. Now, just a ghost of a city. The image that no one would like to go spend the summer. 

I'm so sad for all those who didn't wake up this morning. My heart is so heavy of pain. Lord we pray to you, look down on your children, we're suffering. 

19 Aug 2016


We didn't go anywhere this summer. I really was looking forward to enjoying exploring some part of Canada and USA. In fact at some point I was very annoyed with hubby because before the summer holidays we planned to do a road trip but his work, the weather and some house improvements delays made us cancel our plans. 

So in the end we decided to do a little trip around Saskatchewan and we opted for Echo Lake. We love camping so we did that. When we step away from our everyday life and immerse ourselves into nature we reconnect to our souls. We're together 24/7, that's what the children loves most.

Camping is like going to our natural self. We so close to Mother Earth that sometimes I feel like one. When I'm in my tent and all around are trees and just wind, I feel so close to Almighty. 

When camping we limit the use of technology. My favourite sport is watching my children play with the simple things they find in nature. 

The can become explores, artists creating art with wood for their gallery. The love getting dirty (even at home in our backyard) and enjoying the lake. 

Though this year we didn't go anyway fancy for the holidays, we sure enjoyed the simple things in life, and the most important thing is we spent more time together.

My daughter says it best "hotels are great when we're all together." Therefore home is wherever we're together.

11 Aug 2016


I was talking to my mother when she said "Nowadays people are wearing head wraps, it's the new fashion." To this statement I said "Do you remember I used to wrap my head?"
"You were too typical."
"I was a pioneer but you never let me embrace how I felt inside."

As long as I can remember I've always LOVE wearing head wraps, they made me feel beautiful and regal but not according to my mother. In fact my mother used to call me 'aberewa' (in akan it means old lady). When she said I was too typical she meant too African. But I never stopped wearing wraps and even if I couldn't I wore bandanas. Looking back little things like those were the foundation of self doubt, whatever I felt in my gut to do was not encouraged. In a way it prevented me to soar at young age but it's never too late.

Strangely the Pentecostal church she attended demanded that women wore head wraps, it was a sign of humbleness  in front of God.

10 Aug 2016


{AOI tellling a story of a camel to baby Rhema}

Some weeks feel like I can write more, my ideas are flow smoothly onto the white pages, those are nice days. Some other days I can't think but dream about my bed, because I'm too tired from negative energy. Today I was craving for adventure, my desire to drive to explore somewhere in Saskatchewan was so strong but we woke up with rain tapping on our window panes. Also little boy's temperature was high and his noise was runny so it was okay to subdue my adventurerous heart.

But I'm praying so much our sabbatical year 2017, the big trip {touring the world} next year happens.

6 Aug 2016



You may say but here I'm sharing my second post in my mini series about photography. I'm so happy you enjoyed the first entry. You can read it here

Today I'm here to share few more tips; focusing on 10 photos to take of your kids' childhood. If you have more ideas to capture please share because I'm always looking for inspiration.

  • Capture their cuteness when they're tiny. This is so important for capturing newborn photos. Their fingers are so tiny they wrap around one of your finger. They grow so fast and documenting every little detail of their first few months will make you relive those early stages of their life when they were so fragile. 

  • As they grow you have to be patient. They have their own personalities and just like us, some days they don't want the camera in front of their face. My four and 1/2 years old sometimes tells "Don't take photos of me if I don't want to have my photo taken." Mmmm, yep she wants her space. So give them the space they need and just document from afar. That will give you a different perspective and allow them to be free to explore.

  • We're all born wild but social constructs tame us. My children are wild and cuddly. Maybe for that reason their favourite place to spend time together is the campsite where we are close together and surrounded by nature (and a cool SUV). 

  • Even when all they want to do at the lake is spread sand on their body. 

  • I don't like chaos in the house but sometimes I document that too because that's part of our children's childhood and sometimes that must be embraced (until you trip on a lego bloc and you see stars!)

  • I love observing how children employ their creativity to play. Their will take you into a world of pure joy. Look at the photo below. With rainbow on the forehead, scarf around the neck and flower trousers. I feel like she is a yoga guru.

  • Every journey is made up with joy and tears, so why capture one side. Embrace both and capture candid moments.

    4 Aug 2016


    It was the centre of the Ghanaian community in Arzignano.

    Wherever I went back home from London, I would spend hours in the shop listening to tales of the men. As a woman passionate about storytelling, I found their narration so fascinating. They would tell me of their journey to Italy. Of the way they lived in the ghetto house. I have seen glimpses of the condition of their dorm because my mum had been there to sell her famous Ghanaian sugar bread. Also some of the boys have had the pleasure of selling them for her. Everyone wanted to help Maa Tina. People love her and I don't understand how she does it. She has a special aura.

    The shop was open 12hrs a day. Apart from few costumers the mornings and afternoons were the quietest. The shop came alive around 4:30pm when people are leaving the leather factories. It was so nice to see the people coming to chat or buy something from the shop. After work the men would come buy a bottle of beer or have a shot of our homemade gin on bitter. They wouldn't go home until it was time to close.

    Important singers such as @samini_dagaati and Castro (RIP). I believe Reggie from @reggienbollie made a stop too but I was too busy in London by then to follow the music news in Italy.

    Whenever I heard laughter I was so glad I work hard (going to school in the morning and then evening classes) to obtain the certificate to open the shop so my mum could run it.

    I miss that shop.


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