30 Aug 2016


Yep, the time is here.

Last weekend before the busy school year begins came and went.

The weekend was spent purging accumulated junk from over the years and during the summer. We went to swim and have fun in a busy swimming pool. I did some sessions and had fun at the park with the children.

But most of all we went to purchase school supplies for AOI.

Back to school supply shopping took me by surprise this weekend. I didn't intend to disappear on people but driving up and down the city to find everything on the list was a great task but I felt a rush of joy running through my veins. That reminded me of my school days how the little cartolibreria on the corso near my house in Italy would be busy getting all our school supplies for us. My mum didn't take us shopping she just went and bought what she could afford and sometimes put the rest on credit at the shop. It is a small town and everyone knows most people, we were part of the town for we lived there most of our lives.

Friday (2nd Sep) little girl starts kindergarten. She is excited and so I'm. Then Wednesday (7th Sep) little boy is starting preschool. Today he was telling me how he loves to see his preschool friends (he doesn't have any yet, but I'm sure he's looking forward to make new friends. Me too). It's going to be adventurous because I have to be at school with him for the first three months, three times a week. I will have little time to do anything that relates to my craft but I know it's the home stretch before I get to dedicate more time to my work. I'll learn to combine school activities, after school activities and my career.

I'm hopeful I'll find the solution.

What is happening to you right now?

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  1. Beautiful. I hope your little ones had great experiences on their first day at school. I am still amazed at the quick passage of time.


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