4 Aug 2016


It was the centre of the Ghanaian community in Arzignano.

Wherever I went back home from London, I would spend hours in the shop listening to tales of the men. As a woman passionate about storytelling, I found their narration so fascinating. They would tell me of their journey to Italy. Of the way they lived in the ghetto house. I have seen glimpses of the condition of their dorm because my mum had been there to sell her famous Ghanaian sugar bread. Also some of the boys have had the pleasure of selling them for her. Everyone wanted to help Maa Tina. People love her and I don't understand how she does it. She has a special aura.

The shop was open 12hrs a day. Apart from few costumers the mornings and afternoons were the quietest. The shop came alive around 4:30pm when people are leaving the leather factories. It was so nice to see the people coming to chat or buy something from the shop. After work the men would come buy a bottle of beer or have a shot of our homemade gin on bitter. They wouldn't go home until it was time to close.

Important singers such as @samini_dagaati and Castro (RIP). I believe Reggie from @reggienbollie made a stop too but I was too busy in London by then to follow the music news in Italy.

Whenever I heard laughter I was so glad I work hard (going to school in the morning and then evening classes) to obtain the certificate to open the shop so my mum could run it.

I miss that shop.

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