19 Aug 2016


We didn't go anywhere this summer. I really was looking forward to enjoying exploring some part of Canada and USA. In fact at some point I was very annoyed with hubby because before the summer holidays we planned to do a road trip but his work, the weather and some house improvements delays made us cancel our plans. 

So in the end we decided to do a little trip around Saskatchewan and we opted for Echo Lake. We love camping so we did that. When we step away from our everyday life and immerse ourselves into nature we reconnect to our souls. We're together 24/7, that's what the children loves most.

Camping is like going to our natural self. We so close to Mother Earth that sometimes I feel like one. When I'm in my tent and all around are trees and just wind, I feel so close to Almighty. 

When camping we limit the use of technology. My favourite sport is watching my children play with the simple things they find in nature. 

The can become explores, artists creating art with wood for their gallery. The love getting dirty (even at home in our backyard) and enjoying the lake. 

Though this year we didn't go anyway fancy for the holidays, we sure enjoyed the simple things in life, and the most important thing is we spent more time together.

My daughter says it best "hotels are great when we're all together." Therefore home is wherever we're together.


  1. I've never been camping but you guys make it look so enjoyable. I love the outdoors and camping is on my bucketlist. We don't really have campgrounds here.

    Your children are so beautiful! I might have said this before but I can actually feel how much you love them through your photos.

    Hope you're having an amazing weekend!

    XO |EESH

  2. This is just beautiful. And your daughter is right. Time spent together as a family is what is best! And that's what creates beautiful memories.
    Thank you for sharing your experience.


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