24 Sep 2016


This week was the week I felt like I'm settling into our new routine after the summer. I'm feeling calmer and though I have few projects lined up I'm taking it slow. 

We didn't make it to swimming this week. Monday I was too tired to drive and Wednesday the kids fell asleep when I arrived at the pool so I brought them back home. 

We were on our way to school one morning when AOI said "When you're not in kindergarten you think it's easy, but when you're there is so hard." Yep, her eyes are open to the hardship of the world of education. She is adapting slowly to her recess dilemma and I'm trying not to go there but I watch her from afar to see how she's doing. Wednesday she cried but stopped when she saw an adult and I watched her sit down and carry on eat her snap whilst the father of another girl that is finding recess difficult talked to the girls.

I'm loving the dark side of the light in my photography. I hope my next client will love this mood too. 


  1. Beautiful photographs! I love how autumn feels calmer for me too. I'm glad the recess drama is settling down. I think she will adapt over time. New or overwhelming situations can be scary.

  2. I know, but she missed school on Friday when she couldn't go because of a cough.


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