15 Sep 2016



"Promise, promise..." she kept telling me as we were getting ready for bedtime.
"Promise you what?" I asked knowing too well what she wanted me to say no to.
"Promise me you will say no more school. That you will not take me back to school."

My heart was hurting so much to hear say the words. She couldn't cope with school because she found recess too scary with so many children running around and not knowing who are the adulting looking after them. My heart was crying because I couldn't promise not to take her to school but I promised I'll do anything that can help her settle into school.

We went to bed hoping that it was her tiredness escalating her fear of recess but in the morning she went back to it. In fact she wanted to go to preschool forever because she didn't think kindergarten was going to be hectic, but just calm a bit like preschool.

"I feel sick in my stomach." she said this morning after we've been throu after breakfast I don't want to got o school ever again, I want to learn from home.

"That can happen when you feel scared your stomach feel sick."
"I don't want to go to school."
"If you want to switch class, we still have to go talk to Mrs D-J."
"Okay, but I want to switch to preschool."
"Well, you can't switch to preschool without talking to your teacher. Also preschool has a wait list so you can switch to the other class if you want."
"No, I want to go to preschool."
"No..." said little brother, he's sure enjoying preschool without his sister being there.
"So, is the problem the class or recess?"
"The problem is recess, it's scary. It's like monters running all around me."
"Then we have to find a way to help you with that and I will talk to the teacher so I can come help you out settle in. How about that?"
"I don't want to go to school."
"No matter what we have to talk to your teacher, so let's go to school and see what she says okay."

So I went to her recess and it set a big step for her. She was telling me more about her class and about what she did in class. They watched a video and learnt about the brain.

The school is awesome because the teacher is allowing to be with her (in the play area, for her to see that there is an adult that she can trust) I'm going to go to recess until she feels ready or she says it "Until I feel brave to go alone."

So went to help at recess and it helped her. Slowly I'll help her recognise the supervisors and then she will be comfotable for me not to go to recess with her. She will enjoy her kindergarten year.

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