7 Sep 2016


Look at that smile. My heart be still. He's such a poser, be can't resist.

Today my two and half years old started preschool. He wanted to go to preschool so much last year. So, he didn't feel sad today and also I was there because of his age. But I felt like me being there was a bit distracting to him because he sometimes turned to ask me. He was also learning to sit still, but all the children were learning to still still. I'm going to be with him for some time so I can help him with a routine for the morning.

It's was not a sad first day of preschool as it was for his sister at preschool two years ago. Nobody cried in his class, they were playing and sharing toys as if they've known each other all these years. This year there are more boys than girls. It's good because TOI will start making his own friends.

I may cry when it time to leave him all by himself there but I'm sure he will be fine. To a wonderful preschool years for little boy.


  1. I love how excited he looks!

  2. He's so brave. I cried my eyes out the first day of preschool. Heck I cried my eyes out the first day of fourth grade too! To see him embrace it really warms my heart.

    XO |EESH

  3. He look so happy! I can only imagine how you felt. I think as parents, we feel more anxious than the kids.

  4. He is just the cutest thing! I'm glad he took to Preschool so well!

  5. Oh my how time flies. It seems like just yesterday he was a baby.
    I love his mischievous smile.


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