1 Sep 2016


#throwbackthursday to 01-02/09/2013


In the morning I organized one shelf of the 'master' bedroom. I brushed the accumulated dust from the floor. The children played with their leapfrog Scout and Violet.

In the afternoon we went to shoot our back to school photos. AOI was such fun, she told TOI "You have to get ready, we're going to take back to school photos." After that I took them to McNally because I had to leave some books for the Word on the Street.

Tonight they were in bed by 8:50pm, a bit late but not as late as they have been going to bed during the summer holidays.

As soon as my husband walked into the house, around 6pm he told me to go to bed because at 5pm I phoned him due my head pounding. It was a mixture of tiredness and lack of sleep. So while the children where out for dinner with daddy I was in bed. I slept for couple f hours until I heard the velcro of my daughter's trainers unfastening.

I lifted the covers and she curled next to me, but not for long because she wanted to show me the toy she got from McDonal's. A loud kitty. I got out of bed to help with bedtime routine. Little brother was fast asleep. I got AOI ready for bed. She was waiting for her snack when she came to hug me and say "We're always friends even when I'm grumpy and shouting." I returned her hug and said "Yes, we're always friends."

Now I'm pouring over old photos.

I look at simple things that make me happy. Crying for all the lessons my children are helping me learn. My heart is full of pride. They're amazing. I cry for joy for my love for my little beings is so pure yet I also cry because sometimes the frustration and struggle (trying to hit me and telling me to leave them when all I'm trying to do is to comfort them) they put me through is too raw to contain.

Through all I'm grateful for this life, glad Lord gave it to me.

A huge hug to all the mothers out there.

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  1. Beautiful photos as always. I love the emotions that they convey.

    Love the write up as well. Your kids adore you and to see that love is heartwarming.

    XO |EESH


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