9 Nov 2016



I'm a bit tired but very happy, because I have the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit looking after me and all those who are faithful in this moment of decay in USA.

Trump won the 2016 elections. The red of Trump wins is epidemic on the American map.
The day another big power collapsed.

This is the end of a world as we know it. America was the go to supreme country. It went through the world behaving like a god, killing people left and right. After the civil rights movement and a minor victory people went to sleep. But many Americans woke up when police brutalities were on increase even in broad day light. #BLACKSLIVEMATTER sparked many movement that stood up against injustice for the not privileged.

Trump promised to take America to the good old days.

There was nothing good about America before Obama. At least Baraka Obama brought good things to America, such as healthcare and USA was viewed by some (not me) as a 'post-race' country thanks to him. The only thing I currently don't like is the way he is handling the Dakota Pipeline crisis, leaving people struggle with police brutality.

Yet, I'm not worried about America because its time has come to bow down. It will only rise from the hashes like a phoenix when Native Americans, Blacks, Latinos, LGBTQ and White will join together as a true nation without discrimination.

Having Trump as president will only help those, who thought that the country was great, to acknowledge that bigotry reigns and USA is not a 'post-race' country. Trump will incite so much terror in people that they we will all stay awake.

Staying awake, during this new order in America will only make people come together and embrace diversity. As the country goes through a period of uncertainty, I would like to remind everyone that the bigots will standout so that when the 2020 elections is on people will understand the terror the president bring to its citizens in hope that there will a better candidate.

I pray for USA!


  1. Scary time to live in America. Hopefully this is the wake up call we've all needed.

    1. I hope so, we just have to keep staying awake!


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