2 Nov 2016


The land of the oppressor free is finally uncovering it true terrorist identity on social media.
All around us there are signs of a suffering earth, yet because of greed the oil companies want to run pipeline on the land of the first people who inhabited the land centuries before the sailer got lost and was found.

"The Dakota Access pipeline, a $3.8-billion, four-state project designed to carry oil from North Dakota to Illinois, has become a rallying point for American Indigenous groups and others determined to block the pipeline" The Guardian
They (the United State government) took the Native American's land, buried their hearts at Wounded Knee, took their culture, paraded it as circus and wore it as fun costume at halloween.

The oppressors brought Africans as slaves to build their empire. When they were done, they made a film, the Africans became the laughing stoke of the nation viewed as evil in the society, thus the birth of a nation was born. During civil right movement, the oppressors first killed those, like Malcolm X, who wanted to liberate the mind of the black people. There were those who started the civil right movement in a calm and collected way, because if the black people used violent demonstration the oppressor will prove its point. When even Martin Luther King couldn't use his polite manners to talk to the oppressors he started to voice his frustration. They had a sniper in the mild of the crowd during his last speech to gun him down. The leaders of a generation dead.

Native Americans forced onto reserves, assimilated and deprived of their identity. Rubbed of their land continuously with many treaties.

Now, the Native Americans are holding their hearts at Standing Rock with social media watching. We're witnessing the new era of warriors, standing up for our water and environment. Standing up for their rights as human beings. Yet, unarmed Native Americans were beaten by the police, their faces pepper sprayed, ripped out of sweat lodge ceremonies, arrested and kept in dog kennels.
"Critics say the police have used unnecessary force on activists.
 They have contrasted the police treatment of North Dakota protesters to the recent acquittal of seven members of an armed militia who led a 41-day standoff at a wildlife refuge in Oregon over federal land ownership.
Some Native American activists have critised the acquittal saying the Oregon protesters were given special privilege because they were white.
Native Americans in Standing Rock say they are committed to being unarmed.
Despite this police, on 28th October, used attack dogs on activists, sprayed pepper spray, and sot rubber bullets - hitting some of the protesters in the face." BBC

Is this the land of the free, the guardian of democracy? History is on repeat, but which side are you going to fight for? Bystanders are part of the problem.

Are YOU praying for those good hearted Americans (Native, Latino, Black, White and Gay) that are standing up for justice, because you know what? Democracy doesn't exist anymore in the land of the oppressor.


  1. Beautiful post. I'm 100% with you and them. It is a shame but their actions do not surprise me at all. The oppressor will always find a way to oppress; we just have to find a way to stop them.

    1. Now that everything is in the open, we can stand up strongly.


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