24 Nov 2016


I'm not american and I don't celebrate thanksgiving but this year I have even more reason not to encourage in the celebration of this holiday. I wanted to validate my decision so did a quick research to find out why if I was living in America I shouldn't celebrate this holiday. 

It was unlikely to have been called a Thanksgiving at the time but the name caught on and there were occasional celebrations of the event over the course of the next centuries – usually after settlers had either fended off an Indian attack or cruelly massacred a Native American settlement themselves.

Mahtowin Munro, co-leader of United American Indians of New England, which organises the annual protest march, said most people are taught a “fantasy history” that ignored or downplayed the widespread slaughter of her people and the theft of their traditional lands, the damming of their rivers, and the deliberate slaughter of bison. 
“As indigenous people, we’ve been taught by our elders to give thanks every day,” she said. “We are a people who have survived genocide. People able to gather with our families is very important to us.”

Now if you're on social media you can visualize how up to date Native Americans' human rights are discriminated against by the official. How the government is not taking any direct opposition against the mistreatments of Native Americans and their allies at the frontline standing up for the right to have clean water, standing up for all of us to have clean water and keep oil in the soil so it doesn't impact on the environment.  But the authorities are mistreating all these water protectors.

We should know history, to be thankful for the right cause and not celebrate what was invented to celebrate evil.

#standwithstandingrock #waterislife #keepitinthesoil #followyourlight

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  1. I appreciate this perspective.

    I think we've changed what Thanksgiving means (more commercial & food) and consider less the history behind it.

    Again, grateful for this perspective.


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