30 Dec 2016


On Christmas even after the evening mass I was so excited for the following morning. To celebrate Christmas, to tell the story of the birth of Jesus Christ but as I was still up capturing pictures of the tree and the atmosphere of the night before Christmas, my girl woke with high temperature.

But all in all Christmas was wonderful because when your focus is not directed to how the world celebrate Christmas but to celebrate the birth of the Lord, my saviour everything else is trivial. AOI wasn't feeling well but I prayed for and asked God to have her feel better by the evening and that happened. God is good! I exult His name.

...I began to feel the magic of Christmas in my city on Christmas even. This was thanks to my church. My church managed to create a magical moment the night before Christmas and even my two-year-old recognised the beauty in that moment.
Towards the end of the service most of the lights in the church were turned off and we all lit a candle. Holding tight to the flame we sung Silent Night. My daughter’s sweet trembling toddler voice sung with passion. I realised that the magic of Christmas is always encapsulated in a light.
Light is what we all need to see the love in this world. The three kings had to follow a light to find baby Jesus and it was a light that showed the way to the shepherds to the manger.
I love how Saskatchewan snow creates a magical world during Christmas but I will also love to let my children experience the magic London Christmas lights can create in the air. {Christmas 2013}

Until this Christmas I was looking for the fulfilment of Christmas in the world but not in Heaven. I always knew that we celebrate the birth of Jesus but misinterpreted the meaning of the light. Jesus Christ is the light. Love and our saviour. I'm thankful for his coming into the world to save us.

I have few words to explain the love I feel inside thanks to my Lord. I pray to be a better person as Jesus wants me to be.

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