6 Dec 2016


This year, like three years ago, I decided to use my homemade advent calendar. Last year we were away for the holidays so we couldn't keep up with our tradition. This year TOI is looking forward for having Santa come to visit. I also telling them that Jesus is the reason we celebrate Christmas in the first place. He doesn't care much about the gifts because, lately, all they want is white paper and pens to draw for TOI and writing and drawing stories for AOI.

I opted to create my own three years ago because all the advent calendar that are in the stores are just chocolate fill calendars. There's no deep thought behind them. 

For an advent calendar as to be purposeful. Just like three years ago the activities are simple, like “Watch a Christmas movie”, “Give a hug”, “Have a merry Chocolate”, “Christmas tree decoration” “Homemade Pizza” or “Tell the story of Jesus”. I think by doing so we can teach the children that Christmas is about sharing and being together more than only gifts.

Today she opened a box and found four mini kinder chocolates. She shared and put one on the side for daddy then she told me to read the note she found in the box.
I’m not very crafty so when I have to do something I find the quickest and easiest way to make them. Making these advent boxes took me about a day and half.

you can find the full tutorial here

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