30 Jan 2016


Monday AMI returned from Ghana. The children were happy, AOI wanted to go and pick him but she fell asleep on our way. TOI wanted to have a bath instead of coming. 

In the afternoon I did a different kind of photosession. I photographed some products, I loved each product and I was wishing I was a rich girl. 

I found out that we have mice in the garage and in the house, I believe we partied whilst we were on our trip and now they may visit in the night. I don't like mice and I really don't want to find one in front of me. We considering buying a kitten.

The week was good in general, the kids were joyful with few misbehaving thrown in. I started going to the gym again and I'm feeling good.

Hope your week was good too. 

27 Jan 2016


The complicated intertwine of the branches, the moody atmosphere, the pop of colour from the pine leafs, the white sky clashing with the tree are all the simple things that make it so beautiful. Like a girl in black, dark, not easily pleasing on the eyes, yet if one takes the time to observe, there is beauty behind that mood.

Since last year I've been learning to embrace the dark side of light in my photography.
I'm taking the challenge hosted by Regina Collins at a journaled life to sit down as much as possible to reflect on our personal life.

This week's prompt is: Take/choose one photo of something that is “just simply beautiful” to you; journal about it.

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25 Jan 2016



This week you went around carrying your notebook. One day while you and grandma were baking a lemon meringue pie you said "This is my recipe book." You're writing so much and this week you we trying to compose some phrases like no baby allowed, instead of writing every word say wrote {NBA}.

AOI and TOI,
Grandma called me to come and capture this moment because it was too precious.

you're finding it very hard to accept the fact that you need all the winter gear to get out into the snow. On this particular day (Friday 22) you just got into your snow pants without fuss but your complained about the jacket which you easily put on when you understood that we were going to play in the snow. So proud of your snow sculpture.

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24 Jan 2016


This weekend there is a blizzard in north-east America. Everyone is enjoying the fresh snow. We've had snow since November 18. So, everywhere I turn there is dirty snow under the fresh pristine diamond like snow. The top snow invites you to pose and capture into your soul all the beauty of winter. Today after my photo session I stopped couple of times to document some of the details of winter I love the most.

Bare branches, starry lamps and red berries!

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23 Jan 2016



AOI missed her daddy so much. She asked a new friend to come over for a play date. It was after dance class and as I changed her she asked "Can I have OW and AS for play date today?" We didn;t have anything planned so it was easy to say yes. OW was the only one available to come. They had so much fun.

She is getting better at starting to be calm and not scream when something doesn't the way she wants it. She reminds me of my younger self. She doesn't like to be told off, but I can't let her get away with everything. Like when she takes something away from her brother. In a similar way I don't let TOI get away from everything that he does to hurt AOI's feelings.

But other times it's impossible to prevent the incident from happening. One day they were playing beautifully then the next second TOI is smacking AOI's face with a wooden crocodile toy, or other times he is smashing her head with a plastic hammer.

The weather was great only 0 on Friday. We just had to be out. The kids spent most of Friday afternoon building snow sculptors. I started first phase of building a snow cave: piling up the snow.

Three weeks away from her daddy is proving too much. When he phones she doesn't want to talk to him because she is cross with him for being away. On Friday evening whilst getting ready for bed AOI,, out of the blue, states:
"I'm not going to live in this house forever."
"If daddy does come back from where he is, I'm going to move there to the country he is in."
"Oh, really?"
"Are you going to leave me here alone?"
"You can come too if you want to come too."

Saturday she started crying declaring that she doesn't want a mummy but a daddy.
"Why?" I asked knowing too well the answer
"I want to daddy to be here."
"Do you miss daddy?"
"Yes. I want daddy to be here because I miss him."
"Don't worry he is coming tomorrow." I cuddled her, forgetting about the fact that she I was not pleased with the fight that happened with her brother just a minute prior. "Tomorrow you will go to school, then see your frienda nd then after dinner we will go pick up daddy."
"Wow, that sounds busy."
"Yes, tomorrow is going to be busy so sleep to get your energy back."

On the other hand little TOI is missing his daddy too because this morning he woke up and as if he has seen something scary started crying and clinging tightly to me, calling "Papa', papa'..."  
And I, on the other hand, am thinking about all the things we can built/organize together when he comes back home.

We're all missing AMI being away for work in Ghana. We're definitely going with him next time. 

22 Jan 2016



Just finished talking to my sister, she was concerned too.

Today Saskatchewan, the quiet province of Canada, made it self heard in the world.

My mom phoned me to ask if I'm fine. Then she told me there have been some shooting in  north Saskatchewan. I had my heart racing because I don't like bad news. For this reason I don't even watch, listen or read the news. But unfortunately four families will get a call and that will not bring tears of joy but tears of despair because their loved ones that they say goodbye to this morning because they were going to school will never come back.

I feel just like the Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall:
"Words cannot express my shock and sorrow at the horrific events today in La Loche," Wall said. "My thoughts and prayers are with all the victims, their families and friends and all the people of the community..."

Lord protect us, guide us and love us as we go and come on our daily routine. I'm so sad and in time like today I'm scared of this world but I won't let fear stop me or my family from living lie to the fullest; going to places and enjoying what God.

20 Jan 2016


Last Saturday at the supermarket my mother in law gifted me two red lipsticks I wanted to have. Nothing important for many women but for me it was a big deal, I haven't put on a bold lipstick in years.

This year I want to be confident, comfortable and feminine in my role.

So I sit, staring at my vision board that hang aloft the empty cupboard space. Once we get shelves and drawers I will have to find a new place to fix it. A vision board full of words and phrases that encourages me to do better. Suddenly it feels impossible to choose just one word from the many words that I was drawn to as I was working on the board.

Last year, after I completed my vision board, the word that jumped at me was TRUST. I decided to trust in my instincts, because it was what God was telling me to do. I'm happy for how things turned out in 2015.

Like last year I did another vision board, and the one word that keeps attracting my attention is SELF. Google.ca defines self as
a person's essential being that distinguishes them from others, especially considered as the object of introspection or reflexive action.
"A person's essential being..." I feel as if I've lost my-SELF and I'm trying to find it back but sometimes are harder than others. And this year I want to claim my essential being back to me. I'm happy to do the vision board because though he word I wanted to choose was CONFIDENT, the universe directed me to choose SELF. May 2016 help me reclaim, rejuvenate and re-balance my essential being: my-self.


I'm taking the challenge hosted by Regina Collins at a journaled life to sit down as much as possible to reflect on our personal life.
This week's prompt is: If you were to choose ONE word to focus on this year, what would it be and why? 

19 Jan 2016




The children walk on the grounds as the people 
that fought for a change  in the course of history
pride and gratitude fill me whole. 
January 18 a day to celebrate one man's dream,
a day to celebrate all the men and women 
who locked arms into chains with him in the fight for equality. 
I have a dream too, 
that we all really see a man or a woman beyond ethnicity, 
that we talk and fight against modern inequality.

18 Jan 2016




this week you turned two. you're funny, loves to dance with your granny and loves to cuddle me to sleep. in the night you always wake up to come sleep curled up to me. You're so playful and you like to jump on my back. One morning as you sat on my back I asked "Am I a horse."
"No, you a cow." yep, you're becoming very vocal.

AOI and TOI,
I love to watch your complicity. this is a moment after preparing some chocolate cupcakes with grandma. AOI says "Let's sit her and wait." I had to snap.

for some time now, you choose your own CDs when we go to the library. this week you wanted to listen to Jungle Book. 


I just realized that  didn't even take a photo throughout the day. As the kids sleep I reflect on how the day was.

I wanted to take it easy after a busy week. The kids room was full of toys. I made sure they work clean after themselves. TOI helps sometimes but other times he brings everything out again, poor AOI has to do the clean up twice. I'm there to help but I keep on telling them that if they want to bring out all of their toys then they have to clean up too if not the toys can go to children who will take better car of it.

The weather was -31 degrees but we went to church and for the very first time AOI was so getting ready without me asking her non-stop and even TOI was not making everything challenging. Grandmom was a wonderful help. Though I didn't like it when we had a quick disagreement about earrings for little girls.

How was your Sunday?

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16 Jan 2016


This week I took a challenge even without knowing I was doing so. I wasn't afraid to capture the darker side of the light, I love it.

The children played together a lot and even when AOI wanted to have all the toys for herself they played together. She was more grumpy, telling me often that all the toys belongs to her, she wanted a bigger house a different bed, like her friends. She screamed couple of times and I had to give her talk. She had to stop it if not I'm not going to be energized enough to sit throughout her bedtime routine. I also told her that it was not healthy for her to be always upset even when there was no need to be. I know that's harsh but since I had that talk with her she was able to manage her temper and manners.

She was great, she thought more about being happy rather than being unhappy. She was polite and asked nicely. At the end of the day she said "I was very good, wasn't I?" "Yes, let's say 90% good behavior, you can improve to 100%." All may seem too much for a four years old to handle but she is a clever girl and if I let her she will really walk over us.

This week my sweet boy turned two, I wasn't sad but just so proud. He is a polite little kiddo, it is so sweet to here him say "No, thank you. Yes please." Such a fine young gentle-boy.

It was brutal cold, I did an amazing workshop on journaling and I can't wait to do that again. But next week I'm going to take it a bit easy and plan the year.

15 Jan 2016



It was lovely to wake up around the same time you were born two years go. I whispered happy two years, you smile. Curled next to me for extra cuddles. The day was spend quietly with you just asking for your snack when you wanted. You didn't cry for more gifts. I love this obliviousness about birthday celebrations and gifts. You were happy to receive the plane from granddad, the ZOO school bag, the Nemo play book, the stuck up boxes with farm animal with them, the little stuffy elephant your sister chose for you and the Polar Polar Bear what do you hear book.

You talk so much, your words re getting clearer. We can understand most of what you say. You love your sister so much even when she wants all the toys you received, you were willing to share with her though some times you cried when she unfairly took your toys away from you.

You're two and I can't wait to document more of this year for you to read and see one day.


The drizzle of the snow dust persisted for days, we walked to and fro home on the crunchy dusty snow. The feathered coat from last year is full of sweat, caught cold sand on our tongues. Thy, the kids ate some from the dirty car, I closed one eye, told them off enough. They giggle, then suddenly "I don't like too much cold" the older say. "E not like co", the little one ventures. I pause, ignoring all the chaos, all around plain forest enchantment transplanted into the city. Winter magic all over again.

14 Jan 2016

The Last Day of One

My big brown eyes boy. Your soft cheeks, your rosy lips. I can't have enough of your sweetness.

Two years ago today my body was getting ready to bring you into this world. Such awesome two years. I love you so much, you're deep throaty laugh, your cheeky, your kindness and politeness. You're stubborn, strong and determined.

13 Jan 2016

12 Jan 2016

A Journaled Life: Everyday Is A Chance To...

Excerpt from my journal

On my vision board there is phrase that reads EVERYDAY IS A CHANCE TO..., I've completed the sentence with words such as shine, be daring, be an inspiration.. I want to be brave and live my best life yet, so my mindset doesn't even allow me fathom the idea that any of the things on my vision board is going to be a stretch for me.

... if I take each day as a blank new page then there will be no stretch but a lesson learned.

I'm working on a journaling workshop and I'm taking the challenge hosted by Regina Collins at a journaled life to sit down as much as possible to reflect on our personal life.

Above is the prompt she encourages everyone to journal on: Which goal, resolution, priority or value have you made that will stretch you the most this year?

11 Jan 2016


AOI: she is a pro-traveler. She doesn't complain much as long as she has an activity book or one her favourite shows she can be anywhere.

TOI: he doesn't like changing planes very much, especially if he's sleeping before.

AOI and TOI: I really hope they will travel the whole world one day.

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Sunday In My City: Victoria Bridge

Sunday, January 10th was an historical day in my city. Many people gathered to say goodbye to a 109 years old Victoria Bridge, also known as the Traffic Bridge.

It's an historical landmark of the city because it opened on Oct. 10, 1907 when it became Saskatoon's first bridge for foot and vehicle traffic. It was primarily built to connect Nutana and Riversdale. Also it was replacing an unreliable ferry service. The Traffic Bridge was the only road bridge in Saskatoon until 1916, when the University Bridge was completed. In 2010, the bridge was permanently closed due to severe corrosion and has been partially demolished.

Today two more sessions were blown off. The remaining two sessions will be taken down by the end of the year. The completion of a new bridge is planned for the fall of 2018

I loved that bridge because of its Victorian style, I never had the pleasure to walk on it but I was always drawn to it during my moments of reflections. I always felt so blessed whenever I went to yoga in the Rotary Park with such a grand background.

I'll miss it for sure.

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