17 May 2016



That's the time I have to wake up to be able to start writing somethings before I had to interrupt to pick up little boy because he's always up early, sometimes before us. His sister likes to have lie ins.

Lately I'm busy from the moment the kids are awake until they fall asleep. By that time all I want to do is sleep or read for a research I'm doing for a short story that I'm commissioned to read next month. We're planning our garden. I'm getting things ready for a busy summer all the way to autumn. I have some readings coming up and I've been invited to the Word on The Street in my city, amazing opportunity.

I'm learning to keep my head above water again and trying to go back to the way I used to blog or at least I want to find a balance between life, hobby and career.

I'm so inspired so many of you and though I not comment on your post I read you and I know you're all moving forward so fast. Thank you for inspiring me.


3 May 2016


I'm going to start a mini series about photography and I hope you enjoy them. Every first Friday of the month I'll share something on photography with you. Below are some topics I have in mind but if you want to know something please let me know via the comment session.

1. How To Take Great Photos with Your iPhone or Smart Phone

2. How To Take Great Photos of Your Kids

3. How To Capture Your Everyday Life

4. 10 Photos To Take of Your Kids

5. How To Take Your Photography the Next Level

1 May 2016


Today we stayed home from church to clean up the garden, the house and sewing curtains. May is here, spring is here. As we drove down University Bridge, I saw people walking t-shirts off, I still can't believe that we're living a real spring for the first time since we moved here in Saskatchewan five years ago. We headed to the swimming pool and I practiced my strokes, hard but I want to swim properly. I love when the water surrounds my body, I feel light, weightless.

I'm wishing for all of us a motivated, inspired month, full, good and filled with successful events.
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