31 Oct 2016


I don't really believe in Halloween but it's fun to take part in the fun for the children. However, I love, love autumn and I love how in North America people celebrate the arrival of autumn with activities such as pumpkin festivals.

At the beginning of the month, one Saturday, whilst Daddy was busy completing some deadlines. I took the children to have fun at the pumpkin festival at Tierra Del Sol. It's so easy to get there because it's just off the road towards Pike Lake.

It was a bit cold but the children didn't complain once. They were so excited. They went on horse rides, played in the maze and climbed a mountain of hay. They also won some pumpkins by using pumpkins as ball to knock down some buckets down the hill.

I loved the simplicity of joy in that moment. I couldn't hold back snapping overload of photos. These are few.

I don't know where little boy got his love for horses but he was over the moon to ride one. Look at him, such pro 

After I took this photo, it brought to mind Natalie Portman's film Garden State. No I look at the cover of the movie I realize there's nothing that look at the same, but still, my mind works in that way 

I guess little TOI has the power to talk to pumpkins 

"Dear big pumpkin" he is the pumpkin whisperer

28 Oct 2016


I believe it was during the summer, over so much struggle in the world for people who are considered minority that I made the conscious decision to start looking for adult books and children books with main characters that are similar to my skin tone and my children's skin tone. I want them to grow up knowing their importance.

So imagine my happiness when the director of public relations and marketing from The English Schoolhouse Publisher contacted me about reading Tamara Pizzoli's new children's book Tallulah: The Tooth Fairy CEO. I've been stalking  her on Instagram since March 2015 so I was over the moon to know that somehow her PR has noticed my humble presence on social media.

I pinched myself because I've been fascinated by Pizzoli and her work since the publication of The Ghanaian Goldilocks. I love the fact that her passion is to bring onto bookshelves books for children that look myself or my children. I wanted to go sleep where I slept the night before (just a Ghanaian saying about when you get lucky you should sleep in the same place, because that's your lucky place).

Anyways, I received the book at the right time in my journey as a mother because my daughter had recently lost her second tooth and was happy to have the tooth fairy take it away. The first tooth is going to become a necklace. As soon I got into the house and the children saw the book, they didn't want to put it down. Rightly so. Tallulah is such a bold character. I love that about Pizzoli's characters. They're bold and proud of themselves.

The saying goes don't judge a book by its cover but in the case of Tallulah: The Tooth Fairy CEO one can judge the book because straight from the cover the reader is made aware that Tallulah is a confident, bold and stylish young Black woman who loves herself and her career. With gorgeous, vibrant illustrations by Federico Fabiani, thanks to Dr. Pizzoli Tallulah talks about her the busy schedule as CEO of the largest teeth collecting company on earth. Still, she has the time to go around collecting teeth as head tooth fairy. When she finds herself with just a note but not a tooth under six-year-old Ballard Burchell's pillow, Tallulah turns to her Board of Directors for her (here we learn that Tallulah is aware of the social movement happening right now because #toothfairiesmatter). What will the tooth fairy decide?

I love reading Tallulah's day to day lifestyle to the children. Thanks to this book I can finally show the children how the tooth fairy looks like. I can also answer questions such as how does the tooth fairy get into the house and what it really means to be a busy CEO of a tooth fairy franchise.

Definitely a tooth fairy I would love to have as a friend.

ME: "What are you doing?"
HER: "Writing a note to the real Tallulah." refering to Tamara Pizzoli 
ME: I beam thinking. This is amazing.


6 Oct 2016


So today we woke to snow everywhere. Yesterday I made a mental note to go cut my sunflowers for the house but by the time I was done with all my duties it was too late.

So as soon as I got out of the house, snapped some photos of the children eating snow. I took them to school. TOI stayed in preschool all by himself, I didn't stay to help him out or remind him for going to the potty. He was happy, he didn't cry. I was the one having cold feet about leaving.

When I came home I went to organize the yard where the children spend most time playing this summer. I then took upon myself to get all the sunflowers that were on the floor due to the heavy snow on them. I managed to get all the survival ones. I had a moment of fun taking few shots in the snow.

Having both children in school for two and half hours made my mind realize I'll be able to do things, edit photos and write stories. Not having a constant mummy all we care about is our children  brain.

4 Oct 2016


"It's christmas time." My daughter said getting so excited.
"Not quite, but it's getting into winter."

Today we had our first snow day. It was a snow shower because it's that kind of snow that doesn't stay. It's more of rain. But we will mark it as the first day winter made a proper appearance and the children were excited to go outside and try to catch snow flakes on their tongue.

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