1 Jan 2017


Happy 2017!

I'm so happy that we are going to celebrate another year together.

From this year onwards I dedicate every year to my Lord's work. Lord you're my number 1, my strength is in You! I want to walk a fearless, strong and life in You. You're my shield, I know you won't let me fall. You have me covered, the best insurance is You! I put all my trust and faith in you!

This was my opening prayer for 2017. I want to be closer to Lord and pray He never let me go from his side.

For some years now I've been doing a vision board and whenever I'm done with it a word comes out among the many that it makes me stop to ponder over. This year all my heart and soul wants to do is get closer to my Lord. I want Lord him to lead the way as He has done all these years. I want to be a vessel for Him to use me for his work. I still did my vision board and the word that stood out is SHARE.

I believe Lord wants me to share the gifts that He has given. Telling my story to glorify His Holy name. He will lead me and the words will come as He wants me to tell the stories.


What is your resolution for this year?

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