8 Feb 2017


Age seems nothing to ponder about but I do.

I never felt as confident as I do now that I' am in my 30s.

When I turned thirty I became a mother and though I lost my confidence during the journey I never felt so awkward as I did when I was in my 20s.

By some modern standards I was a young bride, married at 24 years old. I was living between stages because the magazines that I read were for single 20 years old or married with children 30 years old. I never fit until I turned 30.

So I was happy when I was pregnant and seeing my belly grow made me feel sexy. It was the moment that I felt content in myself. I had just accepted the idea of stay at home wife/mother and was pursuing my writing career.

Right now I am where I'm supposed to be because I don't live in the past or future but make most of each year that my Lord gifts me. I am making most of my present.

So right now 35 rocks!

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Question: How old are you?


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