15 Feb 2017


I'm proud of myself. 

It's more than okay to acknowledge some of the things you are doing as a mother that make you proud of yourself. 

"I'm a good swimmer." my littlest said.
"Yes, you are." I said smiling.

"I'm a magical swimmer." My eldest said as she twirled in the water.
"Yes, you are." I beamed, thinking where did she get that word from.

When I see my children swimming like dolphins in the water makes me proud because their love for swimming comes from me. I wasn't a great swimmer but I have a passion for the sport. I remember taking AOI alone when she was tiny little girl. I wanted her to be comfortable in the water so I followed some indication from some friends and some videos on youtube. Initially she would cry but slowly she understood that it was a game. The same thing happened to TOI but having a sister that swims is easy for him to be encouraged.

Now I look at them both on their own level of swimming skills. TOI is fully instructed by me and AOI is learning more skills from one of the local clubs. She loves the water and says she could stay there forever if we let her. Every week TOI wants to show me some of his own skills.

I'm so over the moon for this. 

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  1. This is so great. Mama, you've done good :)


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