13 Feb 2017


Photos from last week adventures.

  1. Morning ride to school on daddy's train
  2. He is pretending to be Flinn a fox ready to dive
  3. Flinn dives into the potty
  4. Another dive
  5. Practicing my freelensing skills 
  6. Brotherly love #1
  7. Brotherly love #2
  8. Some afternoons are even nicer with so quiet reading time
  9. Daddy's birthday lunch out and I was the one to have the cheery on my milkshake
  10. "I'm eating like bunny. I like salad because I'm big now."
  11. It's cold out there baby -28*degrees with windchill 
  12. They love going to the dentist
  13. Making of a cake
  14. Wipe the messy chocolate face
  15. The day after birthday cake
  16. Bunny is always in the background 

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