12 Feb 2017


Well, today deserves a unique title.

Yesterday I complained about not having sleep ins on weekends, today my dream of sleeping in came true. I slept until about 9:15am {what? you say, yes I did! I say} when AOI ran into the bedroom saying "Mummy, you are sleeping so much."
"You are sleeping so much." TOI chirped in.
"Am I?" I asked wiping sleep off my eyes. I stretched and looked towards the window.
"Yeees." The children laughed. "It's day time already." AOI said in her sweet British accent.
"The sun is out." TOI continued in his own sweet British accent.
"Oh, well I must wake up then."
"Yes. We'e already had breakfast."

So, that's how I got to have a new title for Sunday.

I initially woke up at round 5:50am. I was worried that the children would woke up early but they kept on sleeping even though I was taking some photos of the full moon.

The rest of the day was excellent. I took the children to a new church because we were so late for our local church. So I went to one of my friends church. The children liked it and apart from getting hungry just before mass was over, they can't wait to go back to it. There were so many children and they had pancakes and sausages after mass.

In the afternoon we, after lunch, we went ice skating. I tried for a very brief time but it was so uncomfortable. I'm so out of skating shape.

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