7 Feb 2017


"I want to go back to San Francisco." my daughter said at breakfast today. She has been saying this for some time because she misses her trip to this lovely city.

We really enjoyed our stay this time around. I made sure that we did thing like all the local would do.

The first day after our arrival at @ZephyrHotelSF we started our day by spending the morning at the hotel because it was raining.

I had planned to meet with Tigisti @belladivalife for brunch so we left to meet her at a lovely cafe in her neighbourhood. Our children clicked straight forward (well, TOI was grumpy initially because he had just woken up from a quick nap on the ride to the cafe). After a while the children played together. Tigisti an I talked about life. It was so nice to meet someone that I met through social media. I still remember the first time I commented on one of her pictures on IG. She is on Baker Beach with the Golden Gate as backdrop, so I said that I would like to go to Baker Beach together with her. I never thought she would reply but she did and said "you have a friend in San Francisco whenever you come."

Months later the time finally came and I told her and she said she would love to meet up. She wasn't kidding. She is so friendly and made feel at home, not just because she paid for our brunch but, because she has the most beautiful smile, and her inner sunshine shone on us on that cloudy and rainy day in San Francisco. I felt so blessed.

Now the children ask about their friend that lives in San Francisco.

My wild children were bare feet as usual.

After brunch we went to a park near Pier 1. It felt so nice and homey. I really enjoyed it and was wondering why would anyone spend so much money to show San Francisco to the children.


  1. Beautiful images. Can't wait to visit San Francisco one day!

  2. These are Beautiful my dear


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