14 Feb 2017


On Sunday morning, just as some of the local parents we saw on our walk, we started our day early. We walked all the way from Zephyr Hotel in Embarcadero to Golden Gate Bridge. We stopped at Crissy Field for the children to play on the beach. It's a dog friendly beach so there were some dogs running on the beach and playing in the water. It's a busy area compared to Baker Beach which was so quiet (maybe it was mid of the week).

The children played and got sandy feet and hands. After some hours on the beach we walked toward Fort Mason Center where we had lunch at one of the best kept secret food purveyors in San Francisco: The Green Grocer. It's a family run business and I'm telling you they make the yummiest comfort sandwiches (I would go to San Francisco for this so my waist can be ruined forever). 

The chef (the dad of the team) can be abrupt but one can overlook that mood with just a bite of his handwork. I was still eating and thinking about asking for their social media info when somebody asked the wife if they are on social media and she said no. "People would be lining till the door to get your sandwiches." The guy said. I totally agreed.
The husband mumbled "No, thank you. Don't want to be there." When the man couldn't hear him the husband said to his wife "And that would mean hiring another person and do more paperwork. No, way!" I guessed they've tried hiring someone before but didn't work for them. 

I really enjoyed the way we explored San Francisco as locals. One get to know how life is really lived in this vibrant city. 

Well, here are an overload of photos for your eyes to enjoy.

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  1. Such a lovely city! Glad you and your stomach had a great time. I have a sister there, but I don't make it up there often enough.


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